2015 NorCal Tour de FIT Part Two Standings

NorCal Tour de FIT

Preview of the 3-race medal for Part Two

Standings for the 2015 NorCal Tour de FIT – Part Two, have been computed with the conclusion of the Clarksburg Country Run. You can view a copy of the document here.  Please notify us of any discrepancies by email by Thursday 11/19. Volunteers at the Tour pick up booth may not be able to troubleshoot any issues with your Tour participation.

Plan to pick up your incentives at the Tour de FIT booth at the Davis Turkey Trot. Unclaimed Tour prizes are not mailed. If you miss the Turkey Trot, you can pick up your prize in person at Fleet Feet in Davis, from December 7 to 13.

NorCal Tour de FIT Participation Standings, 10-11-15

NorCal Tour de FIT Part 2As we pass the halfway mark in the Fall 2015 NorCal Tour de FIT Series, we’ve updated the participation standings. There are two races remaining until we conclude the 2015 series at the Davis Turkey Trot.

Check in and ensure that if you are registered for the Tour (required, if you want to earn incentives) that we have your race participation recorded appropriately. The participation standings are posted here.

If you have not registered for the Tour, but plan to complete the challenge (3 or more events in Part Two), hurry and go to https://acop.webconnex.com/TDFparttwo2015 and get signed up. The deadline is 11:59 PM on October 15th!