2014 Half Marathon “Triple Play” Offer

Available now through January 20, we are once again offering our three half marathon deal – three half marathons for $115.00 (save $24 off the regular price, if you registered individually). The included half marathons are the Davis Stampede (Sunday, February 9), the Lucky Run (Saturday, March 8) and the Davis Moonlight Run (Saturday night, July 12). Click here to register now!

Three of our most popular half marathons are included in the “Triple Play”.

The Davis Stampede

The Davis Stampede Half Marathon, held Sunday, February 9, is (…click read more below to view full article)


a loop course starting and finishing at Downtown Davis’ Central Park.

Photo Credit: Ted Torres Photography

Half Marathoners start by heading through Downtown east on Third Street, until reaching L Street. The course turns to the right and then left as runners and walkers travel down Second Street, adjacent to I-80. After the first fluid station, 10K runners and walkers head to the right and over

I-80 via pedestrian overpass, while half marathoners go left and begin their trek through Mace Ranch. Eventually half marathoners make their way to Covell Blvd., where they cross under the road via bike path and begin their three mile trek circling Wildhorse. This includes a portion past the Nugget soccer field at the 10K mark (and relay exchange), and a portion along the Wildhorse agricultural bugger (hard packed dirt and gravel), where participants travel along the Wildhorse Golf Course.

After the portion through Wildhorse, runners and walkers turn east and then back towards Mace Ranch, now heading south towards I-80 and the aforementioned pedestrian overpass.
After this “hill,” athletes travel through some of South Davis’ most expansive parks, and then along the Putah Creek bike path on the Southernmost edge of South Davis.

Photo Credit: Ted Torres

A final loop through Research Park takes athletes through a tunnel under I-80, after which they pop out in Downtown Davis, with just under a mile as they make their way through the home stretch to the finish line.

The Lucky Run

The Lucky 13 Half Marathon starts and finishes at Davis High School / Community Park on 14th Street in Central Davis. The course starts with a turn up Oak Avenue as athletes head for the popular
North Davis greenbelts. After about one mile on the greenbelts, athletes exit the greenbelt on Sycamore Lane, and then turn right on Covell Blvd.¬† Runners and walkers travel past the Davis Marketplace, one of Davis’ bustling shopping centers, and then cross over Hwy. 113 as they continue west. Taking a right hand turn on John Jones Road, athletes pass Sutter¬† Davis Hospital on their left, and then begin a stretch on the frontage road along Hwy. 113 as they head towards the Davis public golf course. Upon reaching Road 29, athletes face a minor “hill” as they go up and over Highway 113, cruising back down towards the Teichert property and making a right on Sycamore Lane. This last stretch passes by some farmland as runners begin to return to the City.

Photo Credit: Ted Torres

Taking a left on North Davis Farms Road, athletes travel back to the greenbelts which encompass the far north perimeter of North Davis. They stay on the greenbelts for the remainder of the event, traveling past North Davis ponds and several neighborhood parks. The final stretch includes a slight ‘hill’ over Covell Blvd. on a bike path bridge as athletes make the final ascent to Community Park and the race finish line.

The Davis Moonlight Race

Davis Moonlight Race is held in the evening on Saturday night. Starting and finishing in South Davis at Kaiser, this course starts by heading along Drew Avenue north towards Playfields Park. Athletes then turn right on Cowell Blvd and run alongside I-80 as they travel to the pedestrian overcrossing which will take them to Mace Ranch.

Photo Credit: Ted Torres

After a loop through John Barovetto Park and the back side of Target, and then through the Mace Ranch Playfields, athletes then return back to South Davis to travel towards El Macero and Montgomery Ave. As the runners complete this loop, they pass by Montgomery Elementary and then, after crossing under Lillard, begin their final 5K by passing by Playfields Park, and traveling up the Pole Line Road freeway over crossing.

This gently rising over crossing takes the athletes around the PG&E facility and second street, back around by the Davis Police Department and back over to Pole Line Road. With the final downhill in sight, runners gain momentum as they have just a half mile remaining as they sprint to the finish line on Drew Street.
* We are reviewing the start times and logistics for the Moonlight Run for 2014 to see if a later start is possible*