ACoP “Healthy Give-Back” Program

A Change of Pace has been on a crusade to improve fitness for over 30 years. Our dedication and expertise have proven successful through our own events. In doing so, we have set-up a unique structure that allows others to benefit from our success. So if you are a non-profit organization, a group/team affiliated with a school or even a social organization, we have fun way to enhance your funding efforts without the extra workload or staff involvement. We understand the importance of funding and how difficult it is to obtain so we made it simple: just encourage participation in one or many of our upcoming healthy events. The more people who partake in the Davis Stampede on your behalf, the more $$ your group, club, school or organization will earn.

Here's How it Works:

  1. Create a team for your non-profit organization, elementary school, school club/team or social group, fraternity/forority or local business at our upcoming Davis Stampede Run.
  2. Encourage each of your members spread the word and ask people to register on your behalf.
  3. If supporters of your team are unable or do not wish to walk/run, we also offer the option to volunteer on your groups behalf. Credit will be given the same way as if they entered the 5K/10K distance (the % is based on initial entry fee level). If interested, please contact:

Team Categories:

There are 2 Team categories.

  • Non-Profit Organizations/local sports team, running group or philanthropic campus organization
  • Local Business Division

Once we review your application, we will then provide you with information as to how your group can register and begin receiving credit.

NOTE: Upon registering for the Local Business Team Division you will be provided the opportunity to choose from a pre-selected list of non-profit organizations whom will benefit from your teams registration fees.

How to Sign-Up:

  1. Send in your application for us to review
  2. Once your team is registered, you can start building your team
  3. Each group/organization can solicit anyone to join their team and earn credit. Here’s where your own market- ing skills come into play.
  4. Prior to the event, your representative (or captain) can track your success rate each day by visiting our website. Once the minimum number is reached (10), both the team names and participant counts will be up dated each day and made available to view on our website. This will give you an idea as to how much $$ you have raised.

How the Funding is Distributed:

All funds are based on the registration fee when and at the time each individual signs up. Remember, each event has tiered race entry fees, therefore, your funding income will most likely be higher than what your final number of team members will be.

Disbursements (based on the percentage of each entry fee):

  • 10% 10-25 members
  • 15% 26-50 members
  • 20% 51+ members

Checks will be distributed within two weeks of the actual event day.

Marketing Tips/Suggestions:

You may already know a friend, family member or neighbor that may be running. If so, you may want to let them know that you have formed a team and wish for them to join. Remember, there are no fees and all they have to do is simply check off your team name upon registering. It really is that simple, however, it would take a lot of time to sit on the phone and make calls. So how can you and your fellow teammates help spread the word? Here are a few recommendations:

Social Media

Welcome to the age of computers, cell phones, the internet, facebook, Twitter, instagram, etc.
We all have friends who have friends and so on and so on… Simply send a message to them
and encourage their participation. And have them pass it on as well.

Local Media

Local papers tend to print free press-releases on upcoming events, activities and programs. This
can be an easy way for you to tag an invite for folks to run on your behalf.

For Schools

Use your existing e-bulletins, newsletters and papers. PTA groups & boosters have a lot of pull so maybe you can ask them to add your fundraising request in their newsletter.

For Non-Runners:

Don’t know any runners? Being a Volunteer is a great option. Both individuals and groups are
always welcome! Besides, the cool thing is, not only will you still get credit & funds for
helping(see min. numbers above), you walk away with a free t-shirt similar to a runner.

Upcoming ACOP Events

  1. The Can Run

    May 6 @ 8:00 am - 11:00 am
  2. Capital City Classic

    May 21
  3. Positive Energy Kids Triathlon

    June 25 @ 8:00 am - 12:00 pm
  4. Moo-nlight Race

    July 8 @ 6:30 pm
  5. California Kids Triathlon

    August 6 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Earn Money for Your School


ACoP “Healthy Give-Back” Program
We do all the work. Your charity or school gets paid. It's that simple! Looking for a fun way to fundraise for your group or charity without the extra workload or staff involvement? Learn More

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That's right—YOUR local event can be featured on our Regional Event Calendar.

You must be affiliated with an event before you can submit a race, and submissions must have a current URL address that directs them to a current event website. If we can't find the current race information at the URL provided in the submission, we will reject it!

We review EVERY submission before approving, and once your event date has passed, it will be deleted from the calendar listing.

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