April Newsletter: Mother’s Day race, Tour de FIT reminder & May-July calendar

April Newsletter: Mother's Day Run & More

April has nearly come to a close and we now look forward to the last bits of spring with May, Mother’s Day and Memorial Weekend.

April was an eventful month for us (pun intended), with Stage 3 of the Tour de FIT taking place on April 7 (Running of the Elk) and Stage 4 at the Capital City Classic (April 21).

If you missed the Capital City Classic this year, be sure to put it on the calendar for next spring (the date will be Sunday, April 27, 2014). We’ll be increasing the 10 Mile field limit and you can be rest assured that the medal(s) will be equally as, or even more awesome than this year’s. (Check out http://facebook.com/capitolcityclassic for pix from this year).

Whether your next race is a 1K or a 50K, make it a good one.

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