Registered Participant Information

DMG-site-satellite-viewNow that you are successfully registered for summer’s most popular event, you can sit back and just focus on your training. Below we have listed a few resources as well as tips for you as you prepare for the event.

  • Race night is similar, yet also very different than race morning. We suggest you schedule in a few pre-race training runs to emulate race day so that you can get a sense of how your body will be best prepared for race night.
    • Meals. It is often suggested that you don’t eat any large meals after lunch. Experiment with what your body likes best in terms of protein/fat/carb ratios. You don’t want to go into the race starving, but a full stomach won’t be comfortable either.
    • Hydration. How can you achieve that fine line so that you are hydrated, yet you don’t have to stop for a nature break every two miles? Practice.
    • Night running (half marathoners). Practice running with a headlamp. We strongly suggest headlamps or other illuminating accessories for anyone planning on finishing in 1:45 or greater. Since it will start out sunny, you may want to experiment with sunglasses, caps, etc.
    • The weather. (Forecast is awesome. See image to right) It likely won’t be any cooler than 85* F at race start, but it could range anywhere from 85* to 105*. The last two years we have been especially lucky, with race night being unseasonably cool for this region in mid-July. However, for those in the Bay Area, it still feels hot. Acclimate to running/walking in warm or hot temps if you are able.
  • Traveling to the race. When you travel to the race, you may hit traffic or just general Saturday congestion. Don’t plan as if this were a morning race, when the roads are relatively empty at 4:30 AM. 4:00 PM will be a whole ‘nother story. Allow DOUBLE the time you would if you were traveling for a morning race. Yes, I said double.


Your entry to the event:

  • Verify that you are registered using the lookup here. Use the search box and type in your first or last name.
  • Need to change divisions? Yes, we need to know so that you can be issued the correct bib number. E-mail us with any changes at or make the adjustment within your runsignup account.
  • Race Day Arrival Time. Arrive at least one hour, to 1.5 hours, prior to your division start time. Second street will close early due to the kids fun run. Allow extra time to travel to the race (traffic). I-80 tends to be congested on Saturday afternoons and there will be many, many more cars on the road in the afternoon, than you would see during travel to a morning race.
  • Parking. There are two primary parking areas. The most optimal parking area is located to the west of the DMG Mori facility on the west side of the pedestrian footbridge.
  • Award Winners. Awards are presented to the top three finishers in each age group. Awards may be picked up race night. Please note: unclaimed awards are not mailed.
  • Review our pre-race informational emails: Link here



Tour-medal-pick-up-MLR-2014Participation Medals and NorCal Tour de FIT Incentive Pick-Up

You may pick up participation medals, and NorCal Tour de FIT medals at their respective tents in the Post-Race festival. Please pick up these items AFTER you finish the race. The NorCal Tour de FIT tent will open at 8:00 PM.

The image is intended to be a visual to aid you in knowing in advance where these tents will be located.