Course Information


Please note start times:

  • 8:00 AM – 5K and Half Marathon
  • 8:30 AM – 10K
  • 11:00 AM – Kids Runs (same)

Location: The 5K, 10K and Half Marathon all start at the intersection of Sixth and C Streets. This is one block from Civic Center Field.
The kids fun runs also start on Sixth Street, halfway between B and C Streets.

Self-Seeding: Pace signs will be in place at the start. Line up according to your predicted overall pace. Do not line up at the front if you will not be running a sub 6:00 Mile. Please, parents, do not allow your children to line up near the start of the 5K/10K unless they are running a pace equivalent to a 6:00 mile or faster. We do not want anyone to get knocked down or trampled.  Your net time does not start until your timing chip reads at the starting mats.

View all 3 routes here (Scroll for individual maps):

Download (PDF, 183KB)

General Course Rules:

  • Pin your bib on the front of your body (shirt, shorts). Your race bib serves three purposes:
    • Volunteers/marshals/Police can identify you as a participant in the race.
    • The color of your bib indicates your division and allows you to be directed on the correct course.
    • The timing chips are located on the back of your bib. Wear the bib on the front of your body, unobscured by clothing, race belts, etc.
  • Run or walk the division for which you are registered in order to receive an official time and be eligible for awards.  If you need to change divisions, e-mail us by November 14 at 5pm, or make the change when you pick up your bib.
  • Dogs are not permitted, except for service dogs.  Pigs, cats and horses are not allowed – and yes these are questions we have been asked before :), believe it or not.
  • We allow athletes to run with a stroller in the 5K and 10K, but you must start in the back. If starting in the back doesn’t work for you, we do not suggest running with a stroller.  This is for your safety, your child’s safety and the safety of the other entrants. Walking strollers should start in the back with the walkers.
  • Early starts are not allowed. Likewise, late starts are not allowed. Why? Starting 20 minutes late becomes a problem because the Police and volunteers may no longer be in position to keep you safe and appropriately directed. Start at the correct time: 8:00 AM for the 5K/Half, 8:30 AM for the 10K.
  • Unregistered runners and walkers are not allowed on the course.
  • No bikes, scooters, roller blades, roller skates, scoot bikes, hula hoops or skateboards are permitted. Use common sense – this is a run/walk, not a parade. Do not bring items which may compromise your safety or the safety of those around you while running/walking with a large number of people. Wheelchairs and strollers are the only “wheels” allowed on the course.
  • Costumes are allowed (and fun!) as long as they follow all other safety and course rules.
  • Please dispose of all garbage (such as gel packets) at aid stations.
  • We discourage, but do not disallow, the use of headphones/music on the route. Please be smart and keep the volume low, or use one earbud only, during the race. This allows you to hear oncoming athletes, lead bikes warnings (who may be approaching from behind), cyclists, emergency vehicles, direction from volunteers or Police and other noises around you that help keep you safe and traveling along the correct race course.
  • Do not run or walk more than two abreast. Run or walk on the right, pass on the left. Remember, there are times at which the routes merge (such as the half marathon with the 10K) and athletes may be approaching you from behind with greater speed than you are traveling.  Please be courteous and leave room for them to pass.


5K and Half Marathon: Start Time is 8:00 AM


Click to enlarge or use interactive map below.

The 5K and Half Marathon (including Relay) will start together at 8:00 AM at the corner of 6th and C Streets. Athletes will head east towards the Davis Co-Op, reminiscent of past turkey trot routes. However, instead of continuing down H Street and under the Covell bridge by the train tracks, a left-hand turn will bring athletes back to F Street and direct them North towards Covell. Athletes turn left and travel west on Covell until Catalina, at which they turn right and head towards the 5K and Half Marathon split.  5K athletes will turn right on to the first greenbelt (at the crosswalk), while Half Marathoners will turn left.  This is at approximately mile 1.5.  5K entrants travel to the next “fork” in the bike path and turn right at the playground, head back over Covell via the footbridge, through Community Park/Davis High School and down B Street to the finish.  There is one water stop on the 5K, located at approximately mile 2, by the Art Center soccer field.

Half Marathoners continue along the greenbelt to the wooden bridge that takes them to North Davis Farms Road. Athletes then turn left on to Sycamore and run a loop around the Davis Marketplace shopping center, over Hwy 113, and then past Sutter Davis Hospital on John Jones Road. The halfway point is located in the center of the Road 29 overcrossing over Hwy 113. Athletes continue past the Teichert Construction building and back down Sycamore (Road 100A). A left turn at North Davis Farms Road returns half marathoners to the greenbelt as they then head left around the northern perimeter of the North Davis greenbelt, winding their way back towards the Covell footbridge and the return to the finish line.  Athletes will pass a toilet six times on the half course, and seven water stops, which will offer water and Gatorade. The time limit for the Half Marathon is 4 hours.


USATF Course Certification for both the 5K and Half Marathon is pending (will be complete by race day).

View the 5K/Half map below.

Download (PDF, 174KB)

10K: Start Time is 8:30 AM

Davis Turkey Trot 10K course map

10K course. Click to view full size.

The 10K route starts off identically to the 5K and Half Marathon, traveling east towards the Davis Food Co-Op, then north down F Street, west on Covell, and then right on Catalina. Similar to the half marathon, athletes turn left at the greenbelt crosswalk and head along the greenbelt in a westerly fashion. 10K entrants travel the north Davis greenbelt in a clockwise manner, passing North Davis Ponds and heading south back to Community Park and then the finish line on B Street.

There are two water stops and two toilets available along the 10K route.

USATF Course Certification is pending (will be complete by race day).

View the 10K map below.

Download (PDF, 161KB)



Kids Fun Runs: Start Time is 11:00 AM

The Kids Fun Runs are designed for ages 0 to 12 years. We start with the longest race first (One Mile), followed by the Half Mile, Quarter Mile and lastly the Toddler Trot 400 yard dash (ages 0-4 only).  All kids who run in the fun runs need to be registered for the Turkey Trot and wearing a bib. Kids who previously ran in the 5K and are 12 and under may run in the fun runs without re-registering for the fun run (to run in the 5K, one must be registered for the 5K). One parent may run alongside a child, however, we ask that all parent/child duo’s start in the back.   Children may run more than one fun run distance if they desire (we love that enthusiasm). No strollers, please. Course distances are approximate and not certified as the kids fun runs are for fun.  No times or places are kept. All kids will receive a ribbon at the finish line.

Each route starts on Sixth Street and finishes on Civic Center Field.

Download (PDF, 73KB)