Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. Why am I being charged a processing fee when I register? Can I avoid that? 
A. The processing fee is a charge that is assessed on all entries and covers the cost of using a credit/debit card that is incurred from the credit card companies  (Visa, MC, Amex, etc.) that is unavoidable, plus the fees incurred for use of the online registration platform/software. Neither of these services are available to us (or any event director) for fee. This functionality includes, but is not limited to, keeping your data secure, having the ability to self-manage your entry (change divisions, shirt sizes, transfer entries if you cannot attend, etc) and the back-end abilities to send e-mail updates, bib assignments and other registration capabilities that allow us to best and most smoothly manage registration for the event.

In the past there have been some years when we incorporated the ‘processing fee’ in to the race registration fee so that it appeared as there was no processing fee; but it is a cost that has always existed and that the athlete has always paid whether directly or indirectly. This year we are using for our online processor. Their processing fees are on a sliding scale. For example, when the transaction total exceeds $50, the fee reduces from $3.00 per entry to 6% of the transaction total. Since many of our entrants register in transactions with more than one entrant, that exceeds $50, it was in the best interest of our participants to not include a $3 processing fee in each posted “entry fee” and instead allow the surcharge to be added on after the fact. That is, if the entry fee we are charging is $34, and the processing fee is $3, the total comes to $37.00. In the past we have simply made the entry fee $37.00, and paid the $3 back out of that charge.

For those registering two entrants at $34, the total comes to $68. The processing fee of 6% is applied, which is $4.08. As you can see, by having the processing fee tacked on after, it allows the savings of $1.92 in this scenario. So rather than include the processing fee of $3 in every entry, we went the route of having it be tacked on afterwards in order to save our participants more money.

Q. I want to avoid the processing fee, fill out a paper form and pay by cash or check. 
A. We do not offer paper entries. Like most events these days, all entries are handled online. This allows for cleaner data (no attempting to decipher handwriting, or dealing with incomplete forms). This avoids lost paper forms (such as entries lost in the mail) which is a very common problem faced with mailed or paper in person entries.  This allows for immediate knowledge of receipt of entry and no ambiguity as to whether a person’s entry has been received and they are registered. This avoids incomplete entries (such as lack of division, age or gender) that lead to frustrations at registration when entries cannot be located, or problems with results that can affect placement that affect not only the entrant at hand but all other runners/walkers in that division. This avoids bounced checks and check processing which are additional expenses and time. Having all entries accepted online is a far more streamlined process that in the end benefits the athletes by a smoother registration process, bib pick up and results experience – because the chances of anything going “wrong” are far more minimal.

We do offer cash and check payment during in person packet pick up / race day entries, but do not offer it for pre-registration.

Q. I would like to run the 5K or 10K with my baby jogger. Is this permitted?
A. Yes, but, we ask you to start towards the back for safety. Please do not attempt to run either the 5K/10K with a stroller with the anticipation that you will be able to run 10:00/mile pace or faster.

Q. Can kids run / walk the 5K, or do they have to do one of the Kids races (1 mile, 1/2 mile, 1/4 mile, 200yd dash)?
A. Kids may participate in any event they and their parent feel is appropriate. We have lots of kids in the 5K and even some in the 10K. There are no age restrictions on the 5K or 10K races. The kids races (1 mile, 1/2 mile, 1/4 mile and Toddler 200 yd dash), however, are only for those who are 12 years or younger.

Q. What is the time limit for the half marathon? Do you offer early starts?
A. The time limit is three hours and thirty minutes (3:30). We regret that due to road closures we are unable to offer early starts.

Q. Do you provide babysitting services while my husband and I participate in the 5K?
A. We regret that we cannot provide any child care services at the event due to insurance reasons.

Q. My 10 year old son wishes to run in both the 5K and in the Kids 1/2 Mile Fun Run. Which event do I register him for? Do I have to register him for both?
A. You need register your son only for the 5K event. He may run the Kids 1/2 Mile with the 5K bib number.

Q. Can I run the race with my dog?
A. Due to safety and insurance reasons, dogs are strictly prohibited from the course (except for service dogs). Please abide by this rule.

Q. My group wants to volunteer at the Turkey Trot. Who should I contact?
A. Please contact Jeannine Henderson by e-mail or by phone at (530) 757-2012 ext. 12. (E-mail is preferred)

Q. I registered for the Turkey Trot and now I realize I can’t attend that day because I am sick/have another activity/am going out of town/etc. Can I get a refund?
A. We have a no refund, no transfer, no credit policy similar to many running events, concerts and other large events in the area. We do offer you the ability to transfer your entry to a friend if the processes is completed by Monday, November 14, 2016.  Log in to your runsignup account (use link in your confirmation email), and follow the steps to do an “event transfer.” You will need the recipient’s email address, first and last name.

Q. Are walkers permitted in the 10K?
A. Definitely! Walkers are welcome in either the 5K or 10K events.

Q. I’m wondering if I’m registered for this event. Do you post a list of registered participants online?
A. We will post a list after October 1st.

Q. What is the time limit for the Half Marathon?
A. 4 hours.

Q. Do you have water stations on the course?
A. Yes – we have one on the 5K at approximately the halfway point, and three on the 10K. Five will be on the half marathon.

Q. Do you have portable toilets on the course?
A. Yes, one on the 10K and several on the half marathon.

Q. Does this event offer chip timing?
A. Yes, the 5K/10K/Half events will be ‘chip’ timed. Each race bib number will have timing chips affixed to the back of the race bib. The chips are to stay there (nothing to put on your shoe or return at the finish line). This will be read by a mat as they cross the start line and again at the finish line.

Q. What is a technical shirt?
A. A technical shirt is made of moisture wicking fabric (polyester), rather than cotton. It is designed to pull moisture away from your skin as you sweat.

Q. Are there field limits?
A. Yes: 1,500 for the Half, 2,500 for each the 5K and 10K, and 800 for the kids runs.

Q. Is there a minimum or maximum age to participate?
A. For the Half Marathon the minimum age is 14 years old unless specific petition is made to participate. For the 5K/10K there is not, although all participants should be in condition to participate in the event. If you are unsure, seek advice from your doctor.
The maximum age for the Kids races is 12 years old.

Q. My son wants to do the kids run, but is worried about finishing last and not getting a prize. Suggestions?
A. Our kids runs are 100% non-competitive. We do not have a clock at the kids finish line and the first finisher gets the same recognition as the last finisher – an ‘11 finisher’s ribbon.

Q. My child is interested in participating in the 1/4 mile fun run. Would it be okay if I run alongside him/her during the race?
A. Yes – this is permitted with both the 1/4 mile and 200 yd distances. Due to space and safety, however, we do not encourage parents on the course in the 1 mile or 1/2 mile kid’s run. Parents who intend to run alongside their child in the kids fun run do not need to register (unless they wish to run/walk the 5K/10K).

Q: May I push a wheelchair or a stroller in the 5K Run/Walk?
A: Absolutely. We do ask that you start at the back of the pack for your safety.

Q: Is there race day registration?
A: You bet (unless races are sold out). Cash, credit and check are accepted.

Q: Can I wear an ipod/listen to music during the event?
A: For safety reasons, ipods & headphones are discouraged. Please see the Event Details page and read over the reasons in the “rules” section.

Q: May I have a friend pick up my bib at packet pick up?
A: Yes. If you are picking up bibs for people with more than two different last names, we suggest bringing the names on a piece of scratch paper. This makes it easier for the registration volunteers.

Q: Do you offer scholarships?
A: We have a limited number of full and partial scholarships available for kids under age 18. To apply, the parent should submit a letter in writing explaining the hardship and request. It may be submitted via e-mail or via US Mail to: A Change of Pace Foundation, 1260 Lake Blvd. #245, Davis, CA 95616. All requests must be submitted no later than November 10th.

Q: Who should I contact regarding having a vendor booth at the event?
A: Please contact Jeannine Henderson by e-mail for booth space.

Q: Are the courses certified?
A: Yes – the 5K, 10K and Half Marathon are USATF certified.

Q: My eight year old wants to run the 5K with me. Do they need to register? Is there a kids price?
A: All entrants regardless of age need to be registered to be on the race course, with the exception being children in strollers who are not physically running or walking the route. This is for both insurance purposes as well as fairness to other entrants. We do not have a kids/youth rate for the 5K; all participants (regardless of age) receive the same benefits (tshirt, timing, course closure and water stations, eligibility for awards) therefore, the price for all entrants in the division is the same.

Q: Can I run both the 5K and the 10K? Do I pay twice?
A: You can do this if you can finish the 5K in under 25 minutes. You pay once. Contact Jeannine Henderson if you would like to do this. Submit your entry for the 5K online.

Q: Circumstances beyond my control will make it unable for me to attend. Could you please refund my entry fee?
A: All entries are non refundable. We will offer you to transfer to a friend – this must be done online through your runsignup account by November 14.

Q: I’m registered for the half marathon but would like to switch to the 5K. Could you please make the adjustment and refund me the difference?
A: We would be happy to make these sort of division downgrades, however the difference in entry fee is non refundable and non transferable. You can make the change within your runsignup account. If you need assistance, please email us.

Q: I registered for the 10K, but I decided to run the 5K and see that I am listed as DQ in the results. Why?
A: You must run/walk the race for which you are registered, and start at the correct starting time, in order to receive a finish time and be eligible for inclusion in results. Failure to do so compromises accurate finish places of your fellow athletes. If you need to switch divisions, we are always happy to make that change in advance of the race. You can email us or make the change in your runsignup account.

Q: I’m trying to run a personal best at this event and was wondering if it would be OK if my husband runs with me during the event without registering?
A: We’d love to include your husband in the race, but in order to be running or walking on the course, he needs to be registered for the event.

Q: I participated in your Tour de FIT. Where do I pick up my stuff?
A: You can pick up your “bling” at the Tour de FIT tent at the race. Check our website prior to the Turkey Trot to ensure that our data matches what your participation level was this fall, to avoid any surprises. Remember, to be eligible for any Tour de FIT incentives, you have to register for the Tour.

Q: What happened to the stroller division?
A: Due to adding the half marathon, combined with past low participation in the stroller race,  time constraints and course closure limitations restricted us from keeping that division. We regret any inconvenience and hope you’ll join us for the 5K or 10K race.

Still have a question not answered here? E-mail us.