Healthy Mind, Healthy Body: A focus on runs benefitting education

As we kick off another busy spring season of races, we want to take a brief minute to explain just WHO A Change of Pace Foundation is and WHAT we do.Many of you know us for the list of events we produce, as an event management firm and/or chip timing company. While that’s one facet of our organization, another and very important one is our focus on youth fitness and education. We believe these go hand-in-hand; a healthy mind requires a healthy body; hence why physical fitness is so important for young developing minds in elementary schools. Our youth fitness programs are gaining more attention than ever, and we have been fortunate enough to expand in 2014,reaching more students and engaging them in physical fitness. We are also honored to work with many events which raise funds for schools and teachers. This is a wonderful way to marry fitness with education and invest in the students in our communities.

Coming up in a few weeks are several events with which we are fortunate enough to be involved; each benefit their respectable education 2014-PLEASANTON_RUN_FOR_EDUCATION-TSHIRT_frontfoundations or programs. Throughout the year we work with many other school-oriented events who work diligently to enrich the lives of students and invest in their future. Give these events a try as their proceeds not only help students, but they are all pretty sweet races:

You can read a full copy of this month’s newsletter here.11253_Pleasanton_R1_Approval