Event Details

Date, Time and Place

  • When: Sunday, June 26, 2016
  • Where: Arroyo Park, West Davis. Located on Shasta Drive at Hampton Road, Davis, CA 95616
  • Time: First wave is at 8:00 a.m. The oldest age divisions start first. 16 athletes/wave.
    • Wave assignments will be posted approximately one week before the event.
  • What: A Kids Triathlon – swim, bike, run – in that order.
  • Ages: 3 to 15 years. (3 year olds may participate in Parent/Child division. Must be 4 for individual division)

Who Can Participate?

Any child ages 3-15* years is invited to participate. Children should be able to ride a bike and complete the swim distance for their age division. Every child, regardless of finish place or time, will be treated like a winner! All finishers receive a custom finisher’s medal. (3 year olds may participate in Parent/Child division only).

What is the Parent / Child Division?

Many parents have asked us how they can help prepare their child to participate in a kid’s triathlon, even if they themselves have never participated in one.

Triathlon is the combination of three sports: swimming, biking and running. By practicing with your child, including going on bike rides or short runs, you will both feel the benefits of exercise as your child prepares for the event.

For those interested, we have fun division called the Parent/Child division. This option is open to all ages and provides the chance for the parent and child to participate in the event alongside one another. The parent will swim in the pool next to their child; during the bike leg, the parent may opt to either run alongside their child or ride their own bike; and the parent and child will run/walk the running leg together.  By including this division, we are providing parents the chance to lead by example, while also providing an even more comfortable atmosphere for our youngest triathletes (3-6 years).

Start Times

First wave is at 8:00 a.m. The oldest age divisions start first. At most, 16 athletes/wave. Waves are assigned based on the child’s division (age) and gender and indicated by bib number. Please try not to miss your heat. If you do, see pool supervisor about the possibility of starting in a later heat.

What Should My Child Bring to the Event?

Each child will need to bring the following items in order to participate:

  • Swimsuit
  • Bike
  • Bike Helmet
  • Pair of athletic shoes for the bike/run portions

Optional Items that your child may want to bring:

  • Towel
  • Shirt and/or shorts to wear over swimsuit during the bike & run portions
  • Socks
  • Goggles
  • Training Wheels (if needed)
  • Sunscreen
  • Kickboard for the pool (if needed; a limited number will be available to borrow)

How Does a Triathlon Work?

The Positive Energy Kids Triathlon will be held in the traditional triathlon format of swim, bike and run. Children will complete each sport in that order. Age-based waves (heats) will determine the starting time for your child. He/she will swim in Arroyo pool, then head immediately to the Transition Area, which will be located on the adjacent grass field.

The Transition Area is kind of like “home base.” Here, your child will select a bike rack in the morning for his/her bike (racks will be labeled by division and a bib number range), and also put his/her helmet, shoes, towel and any clothes next to his/her bike. After completing the swim, your child will go to the Transition Area and retrieve his/her bike, bike helmet, shoes and then proceed to the bike course. Plenty of volunteers will be available in the Transition Area to assist your child with tying shoes, etc. Please note that parents are not permitted in the transition area unless the child is participating in the Parent/Child Division or in the Non-Competitive 4-6 Division.

After your child finishes the bike leg, he/she will return to the Transition Area, find his/her bike rack (rows will be labeled with numbers and color coded by age group) and re-rack their bike (in the same place as before). Then, they will take off on the run course. The race finishes when they cross the finish line.

Just as in an “adult” triathlon, each child will be assigned a race number, and he/she will wear that on the front of their body during the bike and run portion of the event. Timing chips will be located on the back of each bib – please do not remove them. Your child will also be “bodymarked” – a triathlon tradition of writing each participant’s race number on his/her arms and their age on the back of one calf.

Please note that parents and siblings are not allowed in the transition area at any time, including before the race, during the event, or after their child has completed the race. The only exception is for kids in the 6 & Under non-competitive division; one parent is allowed to assist with shoe-tying, putting on their helmet, mounting/dismounting, etc; but should not assist in a way to give the child unfair advantage (example: child tosses bike to parent instead of racking it themselves and starts the run). Instances of unfair assistance to any competitor seen by race staff will be evaluated on a case by case basis. A time penalty or ineligiblity for a trophy may be assessed, so please, keep it fun and let the children complete the race on their own. (Note: The competing parent in the Parent/Child division is also permitted).

When To Arrive & Packet Pick Up

We strongly encourage you to pick up your child’s race packet at our packet pick up on Saturday afternoon at Packet Pick Up. Your race packet will include your child’s t-shirt and bib numbers. It will also have your child’s exact starting time highlighted on the back of the race bib. Packet Pick Up is Saturday, June 25 at Arroyo Park. Picking up on Saturday allows you and your child the opportunity to affix their bib on their tshirt, place helmet stickers and visualize a general layout of the event before the big day.

If you cannot pick up your child’s packet on Saturday, you may pick it up on Sunday morning before their race. Please be sure to allow extra time to pick up his/her packet if you plan to pick it up on Sunday. We recommend all participants arrive no later than one hour prior to their age group’s scheduled start time. If you need to pick up a packet, add another 15-20 minutes to the arrival times below. No child (or parent) likes to feel rushed before the big race.

Please keep in mind that the later you arrive, the further away you will be parking from the registration/pool/staging area.

Race day registration/packet pick up will be held adjacent to the Arroyo Pool.

Parking and Directions

Parking for the event is available on the many surrounding residential streets, as well as at Patwin School, which is adjacent to Arroyo Park.

The staging area for this event is Arroyo Park, which is located at the corner of Shasta Drive and Hampton Drive. For online mapping, enter “Shasta Drive at Hampton Drive, Davis, CA 95616.”

From the Bay Area, take I-80 East towards Davis. Exit to Hwy. 113 North, towards Woodland. Continue approximately 1 Mile to the Covell Blvd. exit and turn left. Turn left at the 3rd light onto Shasta Drive. The park will be on your left in approximately 1/2 mile.

From Sacramento, take I-80 West towards Davis. Exit to Hwy. 113 North, towards Woodland. Continue approximately 1 Mile to the Covell Blvd. exit and turn left. Turn left at the 3rd light onto Shasta Drive. The park will be on your left in approximately 1/2 mile.

From Woodland, take Hwy. 113 towards Davis. Exit at Covell Blvd and turn right. Turn left at the 2nd light onto Shasta Drive. The park will be on your left in approximately 1/2 mile.

Triathlon Rules

Although the event is designed to be FUN and the focus is FUN, because we do award trophies for top finishers we do have to keep in mind that there are rules of the event.  We hate to have to point out the rules, because most of the time, these go without saying. However, every now and then, we have to remind some who are very eager and competitive that part of triathlon is competing fairly. The race rules include:

  • Participating fairly and having good sportsmanship. Cheating (cutting a course short intentionally, not racking a bike after the bike leg) and unsportsmanlike conduct (for example one participant or spectator purposely blocking another participant from forward movement so as to provide undue advantage) is subject to a time penalty or disqualification.
  • No parents of children ages 7 and up are allowed in the transition area at any time, unless the parent is in the Parent / Child division or the child has special needs and has previously arranged with the Race Director to receive a wristband.
  • Parents in any division (including 4-6y) may not rack bikes, put away helmets etc for children at conclusion of the bike. If a participant is seen tossing bike/helmet to parent without racking his/her bike in their bike rack (and then getting undue advantage to starting the run) a timing or race official may assess a 2:00 time penalty and/or disqualify the participant from the event.
  • No riding of bikes at any time in transition area. Mount bikes after crossing through the Bike Out tent (bike start); dismount before entering the Bike In tent (bike finish).
  • No glass is permitted in transition under any circumstances.
  • No dogs or strollers are permitted in the transition area.
  • No running on the pool deck. You may not run until you have exited the pool area fence/gate.
  • Bib must be worn on the front of the body during bike and run legs. If the bib is not worn, the athlete will not receive a time (timing chips are on the back of the bib) and will not be eligible for awards.
  • Helmet must be worn and buckled during the bike leg. Parents in the Parent/Child division who opt to bike alongside child during the bike leg must also wear a helmet.
  • Tricycles and scooters are not allowed. This is for your child’s safety.