Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is my child registered?

We have a participant list, posted by division, online here. Use the white search box at the upper right to search by either first or last name. Please allow a few business days from date of entry for processing in order for your child’s name to appear on the list.

Q: Can my child participate in the swim portion using a kickboard, life vest or “floaties”?

A. Yes. The only item not permitted during the swim are fins or hand paddles. We want he/she to feel comfortable. You can bring a life best or kickboard with you, or borrow one from the pool (limited # available).

helmet-bib-sticker-placementQ: What are we supposed to do with the race packet?

A: There are three items in your packet. (1) a large colorful bib number and (2) Two adhesive stickers with the bib number stamped on them. The large bib number must be worn on the front of the body during the bike and run. Timing chips are on the back of the bib to generate athlete times. The color of the bib denotes division and is how course monitors direct children appropriately.

Place one helmet sticker on the front of the athlete helmet. The other may be placed anywhere on the bike frame.

The label on the back of the large bib contains your child’s name as well as wave start time.

Q: Can my child hang on to the side of the pool or lane lines during the swim if they get tired?

A. Most certainly.

Q: Are training wheels permitted on the bike?

A: Yes.

Q: Do you provide bikes and helmets for the kids to use?

A: No. Each child must bring his/her own helmet and bike.

Q: Can we pick up our neighbor’s packet on Saturday?

A: Yes, we don’t require ID.

Q: Can my child participate “up” a division? (eg., child is 10 and wants to participate in 11-12 distance)

A: Yes.

Q: I saw photographers out at the event. Where do we view/purchase those pictures?

A: Pictures will be available to be viewed here  approximately 3-4 days post-race.

Q: How can I volunteer for the event?

A: Please email to sign up.

Q: Can my child participant “down” a division (eg., child is 10 and wants to participant in the 7-8 division)

A: No, unless there are special circumstances. Email to inquire.

Q: My child has special needs. Can he/she still participate?

A: We will do our very best to accommodate special needs and keep the event safe for all. Email to inquire.

Q: Do you offer scholarships for low income families?

A: Yes. A limited number of full and partial scholarships are available. All scholarship requests must be made in writing and describe why there is a need for an entry fee waiver or reduction. Scholarship requests may be made up to two weeks before the race. You may do so either via US Mail (Mail to: A Change of Pace Foundation, re: CKT Scholarships, 1260 Lake Blvd. #245, Davis, CA 95616) or by e-mailing

ta-signsQ: How is the Transition Area set up? Do we just pick a rack anywhere?

A: The transition area is set up with rows of bike racks, which are number with white signs starting at Row 1 and continuing up. The area is divided into section and labeled with yellow signs that indicate division entered, such as 3-6 Parent/Child or 11-12 yrs. Each division sign also has a unique clipart picture to help identify it for those who are not yet able to read.

Set up bikes within your age division. Within each division it is first come, first serve.


Q: What is the field limit for this event?

A: 700 participants.

Q: Can I request that my daughter and her friend start in the same wave?

A: You may make this request by Emailing us at Please note that waves are built by gender and age, so it is typical that, for example, we place all the 8 year old boys together in a wave. If it is still possible, we will make an effort to accommodate your request. Please limit requests to no more than 3 children per same wave. Requests are not accepted the week preceding the event. Please send your request at least one week before the race.

Q: I don’t understand how waves are assigned.

A: As much as possible, we separate waves by gender and age within each age category. For example, in the 7-8 year old division, waves are created by grouping 8 year old boys together, then 8 year old girls together, then 7 year old boys, and then 7 year old girls. This is of particular importance in the younger divisions when bike skills can vary much more by age and gender. Therefore, whenever possible, we keep kids grouped together in waves by similar age and gender. This is in an effort to keep the event as safe as possible for all and a positive experience for everyone.

Q: Can I assist my child in the transition area?

A: Parents are not allowed in the transition area at any time, including prior to the event. Only the 6 & Under participants may have parent assistance in transition during the event (exception: Parent/Child division 7-10 or 11+). This is limited to one parent and is for assisting with: tying shoes, mount/dismounting bikes, putting on / taking off helmets and putting on clothes after the swim. One wristband will be included in each 6&U packet; this will grant the parent access to the transition area. 6 & Under athletes are still required to rack their bike themselves after the bike portion. Siblings, pets and additional parental assistance are not allowed.

Parents who are seen assisting their child (any division) in a way to give obvious unfair advantage over other competitors (ie. child does not rack bike but instead tosses it to parent and saves 45 seconds) may subject the child’s finish time to a time penalty.

Q: Can you recommend a hotel in Davis?

A: Please visit the Yolo County Visitor’s Bureau website for a list of hotels in Davis at:

Q: Can my child ‘skip’ the swim and do just the bike and run? They’re aren’t quite ready for the swim…

A: Unfortunately, no. The event is not set up to accommodate this. We hope that by being able to use flotation devices and hang onto the lane lines that kids will feel comfortable in the pool. You may want to consider the Parent/Child division where the parent actually goes in the pool with the child.

Q: I have a three year old that is eager to participate with their older siblings. Can they take part?

A: Three year olds are welcome to join us, however, only in the 3-6 yr Parent/Child division. The individual divisions start at age four.

Q: I’d like to do the Parent/Child division with my child. How does the bike portion work?

A: As a parent, you have the choice to either a) ride your own bike (and wear a helmet) alongside your child during the bike portion or b) run/walk alongside your child during the bike. We recommend practicing before the event to see which method will work better for you.

Q: My child is doing the 4-6 individual event (not Parent/Child) but we both would feel more comfortable if I went alongside him/her during the bike. Is this OK?

A: We really want this to be a positive experience for all involved and if this will help achieve that, we will allow it. We do ask that you be cautious and courteous to other athletes along the course and, if possible, run/walk on the sidewalk or side of path. We ask that you do not bring a bike unless you are in the Parent/Child division. If you feel you need to be with them on two legs (eg., swim and bike) then the Parent/Child division is a more appropriate choice for your child. Kids in the Individual divisions typically participate by themselves. In the elder divisions, this is a safety issue and we strongly advise against it.

Q: How deep is the pool? Will my child be able to touch the bottom?

A: They will not be able to touch the bottom. Lanes are in the diving/lap swim pool. Remind them that they can hold on to the lane line or side of pool at any time to rest. Every child will be swimming next to a lane line.

Q: I don’t quite understand what happens after the swim. Do the kids go to the restroom or locker room and change into their biking clothes?

A: In triathlon, the swimming apparel (swimsuit) is worn the entire event. After the swim, the participant goes to his/her bike rack in the transition area, where their bike, helmet and clothes are waiting for them. Some athletes choose to do the whole race in simply their suit (using a race belt to attach their bib number); others put on a t-shirt after the swim; and others put on a tshirt and shorts after the swim. Whatever you choose, it should be something that you(your child) feels comfortable wearing during the bike and run. Please note that changing clothes (nudity) is not permitted in the transition area.

Q: Can my child use a pedal-less bike (ie. a scoot or a strider bike) in the event?

A: Those are permitted, in the Parent/Child 3-6 division only. Tricycles, scooters and rollerblades  are not allowed in any division.

bodymarking-PEKTQ: I just registered. When does my child start?

A: We have sent all registered participants and email with their start time. You may also look up their bib number on the registered participant list and reference the wave start time on the wave sheet. Both are posted here. Please allow us time to process your entry before it appears on the participant list.

Q: I don’t understand what bodymarking is.

A: Bodymarking allows us to identify swimmers in the pool area by bib number, since they will have no bib on them until they finish the swim and are off on to the bike leg. This is important because all waves are assigned by bib number. See example to the right.

Walk bikes until you pass through the Bike Out (Bike Start) tent.

Walk bikes until you pass through the Bike Out (Bike Start) tent.

Q: Are there any restrictions in the Transition Area?

A: Yes. They are as follows:

  • No glass under any circumstances.
  • No riding bikes in the transition area. Athletes may mount your bike after you pass through the Bike Out (Bike Start) tent. Athletes will be asked to dismount before entering the Bike In (Bike Finish) tent.
  • Parents are not permitted in the transition area unless the child is 6 and under or the Parent is in the Parent/Child division. Parents are allowed to help with putting on clothing, helmets and buckling, tying shoes etc. Parents (or other entrants such as a sibling) who are seen providing outside assistance to their child to create unfair advantage compared to other competitors will be asked to stop and a time penalty may be assessed. This is in specific reference to an instance where a child finishes the bike leg, tosses the bike to a parent without racking it and starts the run leg, while the parent walks the bike to the rack. This is considered cheating.
  • Dogs and strollers are not permitted in the Transition Area.