Race Results


Live race results for the 2016 Positive Energy Kids Triathlon will be posted live during the event in the below grid. Use the white search box at the upper right corner of the grid to search by first name, last name or bib number. REMEMBER: There are many heats/waves in most divisions. We ask you to use caution by viewing your child’s place within their division too early. It will change as later waves finish. It is best to wait to view results after all athletes in the same age division have finished.

Although the focus on the event is on simply giving it a “tri,” awards will be presented to the top three boys and girls in each age group. Once all entrants in a division have finished, award trophies may be picked up at the Volunteer Tent (near registration). Unclaimed awards will not be automatically mailed. They may be picked up in person at the California Kids Triathlon (8/7) or the Davis Moonlight Run (7/9). Make arrangements to do so by e-mailing us here. To have a trophy mailed, please send a $5.00 check or money order to cover shipping expenses. (Payable to A Change of Pace Foundation, 1260 Lake Blvd., #245, Davis CA 95616).

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2015 Results:

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2008 Results:

13-15 Years:GirlsBoysOverall
11-12 Years:GirlsBoysOverall
9-10 Years:GirlsBoysOverall
7-8 Years:GirlsBoysOverall
6 & Under:GirlsBoysOverall

2007 Results:

13-15 Years:BoysGirlsOverall
11-12 Years:BoysGirlsOverall
9-10 Years:BoysGirlsOverall
7-8 Years:BoysGirlsOverall
6 & Under:BoysGirlsOverall