Running of the Elk | Register for live Facebook updates

Are you running with the ELK this Sunday in Stage 3 of the NorCal Tour de FIT Series? If so, you can sign up to have race updates posted to your Facebook during the event to keep your friends informed of your race progress. The sign up link is:

How it works:
1. Click the above link and type your first or last name in the search box.
2. Click the link next to your name that says “Register for Updates.”
3. Agree to the app’s permissions (to post on your behalf) by clicking your name one more time.
4. Run/Walk the race on Sunday. When you cross the Start, Finish and split points (splits on half only), your facebook timeline will be updated with your progress.running-elk-fb-update-fb

Note: If you select other participants besides yourself, their Running of the Elk Half Marathon progress will post to your facebook page as well.

Live Tracking and Race Results can be found here:

Mobile results (phones/tablets) can be viewed in your mobile browser at: