The Lucky Run 2014 just got LUCKIER…

It’s November 1! That means that registration is now open for the 2014 Lucky Run 7K, 7 Mile and Half Marathon. Race day is Saturday, March 8, 2014.

You are going to rock it out there during the Lucky Run and need a medal by which you can commemorate this experience! ALL FINISHERS in the 7K, 7 Mile and Half Marathon will receive a medal. We are known for having some of the most unique and big medals out there.

For the 2014 Lucky Run we are seeking to outdo even ourselves by offering a combo medal that is both a traditional heavyweight medal w/custom ribbon as well includes as a hanging charm. Using the provided (unattached) chain, participants can detach the charm from the medal and wear it as a necklace for ongoing reminder of their awesome accomplishment. Or, you can affix it to a keychain. YES, it’s like two pieces of bling in one!!

Either way…we are pretty excited for the 2014 Lucky Run and hope that you will join us for a spectacular event!