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18 Nov

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The Davis Turkey Trot will be held on Saturday, November 18, 2023.


8:05 AM – 5K
9:00 AM – 10K RUN/WALK

updated 8/5/23. Start times are subject to change

HALF MARATHON | 7:50 a.m.

  • 13.1 Mile Course, paved except for 3/4 mile between mile 4.25 and mile 5, when participants will travel along the canal on hard packed dirt / gravel. Difficult terrain for most wheelchairs; may be suitable for some baby jogger strollers
  • Mostly flat; 2 “hills” – Covell Blvd. to cross over train tracks, and Catalina Ave footbridge
  • Entry includes long sleeve tech shirt, finisher medal, eligibility for overall, age group and special division awards
  • Ages 15 and Up; cut-off time is 3 hours and 45 minutes
  • Pace group runners to help you reach your goal finish time
  • Adaptive divisions available
  • Start: Corner of 6th and C Street. Finish: B Street between 6th and 7th Streets

5K | 8:05 a.m.

  • 3.1 mile flat course
  • Entry includes long sleeve tech shirt, finisher medal, eligibility for overall, age group and special division awards
  • Baby Joggers and dogs are allowed but MUST start toward the back. If you wish to run a fast 5K time, we suggest running without a stroller/dog
  • Adaptive divisions available
  • Start: Corner of 6th and C Street. Finish: B Street between 6th and 7th Streets

2 Mile | 8:25 a.m.

  • 2 Mile “Dog Jog” Run or Walk
  • Dogs are not required to run/walk this distance
  • Entry includes long sleeve tech shirt, finisher medal, eligibility for overall, age group and special division awards
  • Dog division results with awards for Top Dogs (determined by finish time and dog size) (Entering Dog Division is optional)
  • Great distance for families, walkers, wheelchairs, and first-time participants
  • Adaptive divisions available
  • Start: Corner of 6th and C Street. Finish: B Street between 6th and 7th Streets

10K | 9:00 a.m.

  • 6.2 mile paved course
  • Baby Joggers and dogs are allowed but MUST start toward the back. If you wish to run a fast 10K time, we suggest running without a stroller/dog
  • Entry includes long sleeve tech shirt, finisher medal, eligibility for overall, age group and special division awards
  • Adaptive divisions available
  • Start: Corner of 6th and C Street. Finish: B Street between 6th and 7th Streets

KIDS EVENTS | 10:45 a.m.

  • For ages 0-4: Toddler Trot 220 yard run/walk
  • For ages 12 and Under: 1/4 mile, 1/2 mile, and 1 mile (double loop) courses
  • For ages 18 and Under: Adaptive 50 Yard Run, Walk or Roll
  • Events held in this order beginning at 10:45 a.m.: Adaptive 50yd; 1 Mile; 1/2 Mile; 1/4 Mile; Toddler Trot
  • Heats and Ages:Adaptive Kids Event: Ages 18 and Under
    One Mile: Heat 1: Ages 10-12, Heat 2: Ages 8-9, Heat 3: Ages 5-7
    Half Mile: Heat 1: Ages 7-12, Heat 2: Ages 4-6
    Quarter Mile: One Heat, All ages (3-12)
    Toddler Trot: One Heat, Ages 5 and Under
  • All entrants will receive an official race bib plus a kids-oriented finisher’s medal; option to add-on a short sleeved cotton t-shirt to entry for $5

All registration takes place online here https://runsignup.com/Race/CA/Davis/DavisTurkeyTrot

T-shirt sizes are guaranteed for entries received by 11:59 pm on November 15th. Starting on November 16th, shirts and sizes are available at packet pick up first come, first served. Shirts are not held nor mailed for no-shows.

Discounts are available for youth (age 17 and under) entrants in the 2 mile, 5K, 10K, and Half Marathon.

Online registration does not ‘close’. You may register online through race morning using your phone or computer.

Registration is available in-person at packet pick up and on race morning, although we encourage you to register in advance on your phone/computer. Chromebooks will be available for your use. Cash is accepted at packet pick up and on race day.

What Your Entry Includes: 2 mile/5K/10K/Half Marathon entries include a long sleeve technical shirt and a finisher medal, plus race timing and eligibility for awards. You may opt out of the shirt during the registration process for a discount.

Kids Events: For this division, entries start at $9 and include a finisher gift (kids oriented medal, not the same medal as the 2M/5K). A short sleeved t-shirt may be added on during the registration process for $5. We encourage pre-registration as desired shirt sizes may not be available for last minute entries.

We offer several divisions for kids:

  • For toddlers, a 220 yard Toddler Trot (ages 0-4).
  • For kids ages 12 and under, we offer a 1/4 mile, 1/2 mile, and 1 mile (double loop).
  • Heats, designated by age, will be used for the 1/2 and 1 Mile
  • For kids ages 18 and under who have a disability, including those who use an assistive mobility device, we offer an Adaptive Run, Walk or Roll. This is a 50 yard course and is an oval / half circle shaped paved route. Heats will be used if necessary; based on enrollment. One caregiver or parent may accompany each participant in this division if needed (parent/caregiver does not need to be registered).
  • Kids events will be held in this order starting at 10:45 am: Adaptive Division, 1 Mile, 1/2 Mile, 1/4 Mile, Toddler Trot. It is estimated that the kids event will conclude about 11:30 am.
  • All kids events start on 6th Street between B and C Streets and finish at the corner of B Street and 6th Street (new location). Look for the black arch.

Minimum Ages: The 2 Mile, 5K, an 10K are open to all ages and it is at a parent/caregiver’s discretion about what distance is best for their child. The 1 mile, 1/2 mile and 1/4 mile kids races are for ages 12 and Under. The Toddler Trot is designed for toddlers, generally ages 0-4 years. The Adaptive Kids Run, Walk or Roll is open to those ages 18 and under.

The Half Marathon has a minimum age of 15. Requests for children under age 15 will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. You may email your request to acopfoundation@gmail.com by November 11th. In your email, please include a description of your child’s training and past races they have performed at or near the 13.1 mile distance. If your request is granted, please know in advance that we will require that an adult (who is also registered for the race) accompanies the child during the half marathon.

Cut-Off Times: The Half Marathon has a cutoff time of 3 hours and 45 minutes, which is an average pace of 17:10 per mile. Participants who are not on track to finish by this time will be offered a ride back to the finish line.  The 10K has a cutoff time of 2 hours and 30 minutes. There is no cutoff time for the 2 Mile or 5K. Early starts are not available for any distance.

Refund Policy: All entries are non refundable and non transferable to a difference race. No refunds. Event happens rain or shine. We reserve the right to cancel, postpone, and/or adjust the race format at our discretion should there be unforeseen or unavoidable circumstances that would make the event unsafe for participants, volunteers, sponsors, the Davis community, law enforcement, or our staff. This includes wildfires/smoke, public health emergencies, and other unpredictable events. Refunds will not be given under any circumstances.

Transferring to a Friend: We offer the ability to gift your entry to a friend/family member should you become ill, injured, or have a schedule conflict and become unable to attend. You may gift your entry to another person within your runsignup account, or, you can contact us at acopfoundation@gmail.com and we can complete it for you. Please include your name as well as the name of your friend + their email address. The deadline to gift entries is November 15th.

Transferring Divisions: If you need to change your division (e.g. from 10K to 5K) after you are already registered, you may do so within your runsignup account by November 15th. Alternatively, you may email us to request the transfer. There are no refunds for the price difference if you transfer from a division that is priced higher than your new division (for example, from the half marathon to the 10K). If you become sick/injured and cannot attend on race day, you may transfer to the virtual division and complete the race when you are able. We will grant transfers to the virtual division for illness or injury up to requests received by email through 9:00 am on November 18th.

Health and Safety Protocols

In order to ensure the safety of our athletes, volunteers, and staff, please 

  • Do not attend if you are sick.
  • Be mindful of others while on the course. Keep children nearby and avoid suddenly stopping. 
  • Run or walk on the right and pass on the left.
  • Do not walk or run several persons abreast and effectively block bike paths
  • If you wear earbuds/headphones, keep one ear free to hear directions / announcements from volunteers, law enforcement, emergency vehicles, and/or other participants
  • Jogging strollers at high speeds can be dangerous when weaving around others. We allow strollers but ask that you start towards the back. If you wish to run a faster pace, we suggest you do not run with a stroller.
  • Please do not run/walk a distance for which you have not properly trained. If your training gets off-schedule, we are happy to change your entry to a shorter distance.
  • If you plan to bring your dog to the event, we ask that you first assess whether the environment is suitable for your pup. There will be many other dogs, loud noises and a lot of people. Is your dog in shape to run or walk the distance you are entering? All dogs must be on non retractable leashes and be comfortable in busy environments with lots of people and dogs. Please do not bring dogs for which this environment will be frightening. Please bring plastic bags and clean up after him or her at all times. We also suggest bringing a portable water bowl.  Dogs may not start in the front of the 5K, 10K or Half Marathon events and must be towards the back. Doggy strollers/wagons are allowed in the 2 Mile race only.

Race results: are typically posted within 2 minutes of your finish to the internet. QR codes will be posted around the venue for you to scan with your phone and access the results.  You can also visit http://results.changeofpace.com in any mobile browser. The 2 Mile, 5K, 10K, and Half Marathon will be timed using a disposable RFID timing chip which will be adhered to the back of your race bib. Be sure to wear your bib visibly on the front of your body: on your chest/abdomen, hip or leg. 

No Need to Crowd The Starting Line: The 2 Mile, 5K, 10K, and Half Marathon events all utilize RFID chip timing. A timing chip will be located on the back of your race bib – please do not remove or fold it. There is no need to gather tightly in the starting area or to rush to start the race when the horn signals the start, because your personal time will not start until your bib crosses the timing mats at the start line. Please help us encourage a more staggered start line and course by spreading out.

Pre-Race Packet Pick Up:

  • Friday, November 17 at Civic Park from 2-6pm.
  • Packets will include your bib and t-shirt.
  • You may pick up for friends
  • ID is not required
  • Bibs will be assigned when you arrive in the online system.

Race Morning Pick Up

  • Opens at 6:30 a.m.
  • Located on the basketball court on the north end of Civic Field; adjacent to MLK School
  • Packets will include your bib and t-shirt.
  • ID is not required
  • Please arrive at least 60-75 minutes prior to your race start if you are picking up your packet on race day
  • On-site registration will be available. Cash and card accepted. We do not accept Apple Pay.


8:05 AM – 5K
9:00 AM – 10K RUN/WALK
Updated 8/9/22
Subject to change


7:50 AM – HALF MARATHON (13.1 Miles)
8:05 AM – 5K (3.1 Miles)
9:00 AM – 10K RUN/WALK (6.2 Miles)
10:30 AM – KIDS EVENTS (1 Mile, 1/2 Mile, 1/4 Mile, Toddler Trot (220yd approx.) and Adaptive Division (approx. 50yd)
Updated 8/9/22
Subject to change

2023 Davis Turkey Trot Course Maps

Notes and course rules:

  • All humans on the course, with the exception of babies/toddlers in strollers, or parents/caregivers accompanying a child in one of the Kids Events, must be registered for the distance for which they are running/walking. No unregistered pacers permitted.
  • The following are not permitted on any race course: scooters, bikes, rollerblades, trikes, sport balls (including soccer and basketballs), hula hoops, roller skates,
  • Early starts are not available due to the nature of when roads will be closed by Police and secured for your safety.
  • We do not offer comp entries to runners based on prior performance.
  • Be mindful of others while on the course. Keep children nearby and avoid suddenly stopping.
  • Run or walk on the right and pass on the left.
  • Do not walk or run several persons abreast and effectively block bike paths.
  • The 2 Mile, 5K, and 10K courses are paved the entire distance. The Half Marathon has a 3/4 mile stretch along the canal that runs along the edge of North Davis. This path is gravel/hard packed dirt and occurs from mile 4.25 to mile 5 of the course. For this reason, we do not recommend wheelchairs on this course. Some jogging strollers may be adaptable to the mixed terrain.
  • If you wear earbuds/headphones, keep one ear free to hear directions / announcements from volunteers, law enforcement, emergency vehicles, and/or other participants.
  • Jogging strollers at high speeds can be dangerous when weaving around others. We allow strollers but ask that you do not line up at the very front of the starting line. If you wish to run a race-winning pace, we suggest you do not run with a stroller. Strollers and Duo Teams should aim to line up at the starting line within their estimated pace group or just behind it.
  • Racing wheelchairs should line up at the front; pushed or motorized wheelchairs should line up with the walkers in the back.
  • If you plan to bring your dog to the event, we ask that you first assess whether the environment is suitable for your pup. There will be many other dogs, loud noises and a lot of people. Is your dog in shape to run or walk the distance you are entering? All dogs must be on non retractable leashes and be comfortable in busy environments with lots of people and dogs. Please bring plastic bags and clean up after him or her at all times. We also suggest bringing a portable water bowl.  Dogs may Not start in the front of the 5K,10K or Half Marathon event and must be towards the back. Doggy strollers/wagons are allowed in the 2 Mile race only.
  • It is critical that you run or walk (or roll) the division for which you are registered. Even if you are not participating for a time, if you run or walk a distance other than what you are registered for, it has the potential to throw off the age group and overall results for other participants because you have completed a different distance than what the computer thinks you ran/walked. Please be mindful that your actions may have an effect on the experience of others.
  • 15K participants must finish the 5K within 55 minutes in order to be back in time to start the 10K at 9:00 am.
  • Cut off times are: 10K: 2 hours 30 minutes; Half Marathon: 3 hours 45 minutes.

Download a PDF of the 2023 Course Maps here:


Davis Turkey Trot Kids Events | 10:45 a.m.

View/Download a PDF file of the 2023 Kids Course Maps

Kids Events will be run in the following order beginning at 10:45 a.m.: Adaptive 50yd, 1 Mile, 1/2 Mile, 1/4 Mile, Toddler Trot 220yd. Heats will be used for the 1 Mile and 1/2 Mile based on age (see below). One parent or caregiver may accompany any child entered in any kids event at no charge; however any child participating with a parent should start towards the back. Adaptive event is for ages 18 and Under.

One Mile Heats:

  • Heat 1: Ages 10+
  • Heat 2: Ages 8-9
  • Heat 3: Ages 5-7

Half Mile Heats:

  • Heat 1: Ages 7+
  • Heat 2: Ages 4-6

Quarter Mile: One Heat, ages 3-12

Toddler Trot: One Heat, ages 5 and Under

2 Mile “Dog Jog” Run or Walk
Our 2 mile run/walk is also known as the ‘Dog Jog’ and  is a perfect introduction to the event for kids and families, those in wheelchairs, and participants with dogs. The 2 Mile run/walk starts at 8:25 a.m. 

During registration, if you are participating with your pup, you have the option to enter your dog in our Dog Division special division. We will rank dogs in the Dog Division by size and have prizes for the Top 5 Dogs in each dog division. Yes, Lola could come home from the Davis Turkey Trot with her very own prize!  As a note, the Dog sub-division is for dogs who complete the 2 Mile course on their four legs. Pups in strollers or wagons are absolutely welcome in the 2 Mile distance, but should not enroll in the Dog Division.

Note: A dog is not required to participate in the 2 mile run/walk. Many people (around 50%) elect to participate in this division without a four-legged friend.

If you are entering this division and plan on bringing your dog, please ensure:

  • your dog is comfortable in crowds and around other dogs, including not barking at other dogs or strangers and especially not jumping when excited
  • your dog is on a non retractable leash
  • your dog is sufficiently trained to complete the distance
  • you have a means of cleaning up after him/her

Commonly asked questions about the 2 Mile Dog Jog:

  1. Do I need to register my dog separately? – no. You will be asked questions during the registration process about your dog.
  2. Does my dog get its own finisher medal? – no.
  3. Can I buy an extra medal for my dog? – no. But you can gift them yours. 
  4. My dog(s) are elderly/small. Can I push them in a stroller or wagon? yes. This is common and we encourage it, if it is the best fit for you and your dog. 
  5. Are there separate awards/results for participants with a dog vs. participants without a dog? – no, but there is the Dog Division to recognize the fastest dogs (by size).
  6. Is this a timed race? – yes
  7. Are there age group awards for the humans? – yes (see awards section below).
  8. Can I walk with my dog(s) and push my child in a stroller in the 2 mile? – yes
  9. Can I walk or run with an animal other than a dog? – no, but we are curious what you had in mind. 
  10. I want to run / walk with two dogs. How should I enter the dog division? – Enter the names of both dogs, breeds of both dogs, and size of the smallest of your two dogs. We can only allocate one dog per human. The results will list both dog names in one entry. 
  11. My friend and I are both going to be running with my dog. Should we both enter my dog in the dog division? – No. The dog should only be entered one time, even if he/she will have many humans running/walking with them. Only one human entry should include Dog Division registration.
  12. I will be participating with my service dog. Are they eligible to be entered in the Dog Division: – yes

Adaptive Divisions

Adaptive divisions are offered for participants with disabilities.

Adaptive Kids Event: At 10:45 a.m., we will host an Adaptive 50 yd. event for kids 18 and under. The intention with this event/distance is to make the event inclusive for children who use a walker, wheelchair, any other assistive mobility device, and/or for whom a shorter course is needed due to a disability.

Adaptive Divisions are offered in the 2 Mile, 5K, and 10K. Divisions offered are: Wheelchair: Push Rim, Wheelchair: Hand crank, Wheelchair: Non-Racing (e.g. motorized or pushed), Visually Impaired, Limb Deficiency/Limb Difference, Duo Team (A duo team is comprised of an able-bodied runner or walker pushing a non-ambulatory person in a customized racing wheelchair), and Intellectual Impairment. The top three male, female, and nonbinary finishers in each adaptive division will receive a prize. Entrants in the adaptive divisions will be listed in the standard distance results (e.g. 2 Mile) and eligible for age group awards/rankings, except for those participating in the Wheelchair divisions. Wheelchair results will be listed separately by distance and broken down by chair type and gender.

If you are a sighted guide for a visually impaired participant, or a support runner/walker for an entrant in an adaptive category (Limb Difference, Duo Team, Intellectual Impairment, or Visually Impaired), please do not enter the adaptive division. Support Runners (including sighted guides) for entrants in the Visually Impaired, Limb Deficiency, Duo Team, or Intellectual Impairment divisions must be registered for the event either as a standard paid entrant or as a support runner. You may not be on the race course if you are not registered. Entering as a support runner/walker is is offered at no charge. To register for the support runner/walker category, select “Support Runner” choice at registration (end of list). Those registering as a support runner will not be eligible for age group awards nor be ranked by age, but will receive a finish time.   A race t-shirt and finisher medal are provided to support runners.  One may opt out of the t-shirt.  (No support runner entry available for wheelchair entrants except for pushed wheelchairs).  In the case that support runners  wish to receive the full race experience (eligible for awards, ranked by age division, etc), they should register for the distance they are going to run/walk (2 mile, 5K, etc) instead of as a Support Runner, but be sure to not enter an Adaptive Division. Email acopfoundation@gmail.com with any questions prior to registering.

– We suggest that support runners/walkers and guides wear high visibility clothing or a vest indicating that they are a guide or a support runner. However, it is not required.
– Please do not register as a Support Runner if you do not already have an athlete you are paired with. At this time we do not have a matching program, but will post on our website/social media if there are adaptive entrants seeking support runners.
– Please email us at acopfoundation@gmail.com with any questions.

Davis Turkey Trot age groups are designed to encourage fun and fair competition, particularly among youth runners.

In the 5K, age groups are: 7 and Under, 8-9 Yrs., 10-11 Yrs., 12-13 Yrs., 14-15 Yrs., 16-19 Yrs., 20-24, 25-29, […], 75-79, 80-84, 85-89, and 90+. Medals are awarded to the top three male, female, and nonbinary finishers (based on net time) in each age group. Participants who enter “decline to state” for gender are not eligible for age group awards.

In the 10K, age groups start with 11 and Under, include 12-13 Yrs., 14-15 Yrs., 16-19 Yrs., 20-24 Yrs., 25-29 Yrs., and and continue in five year increments up to 80+.  Medals are awarded to the top three male, female, and nonbinary finishers (based on net time) in each age group.

Overall awards are presented to the top three overall male, female and nonbinary finishers in the 5K/10K. Overall awards are based on gun time; all age group awards and posted rankings are based on net time. Participants who enter “decline to state” for gender are not eligible for overall awards.

2 Mile: Age groups in the 2 Mile will be scored based on net time and are: 7 and Under, 9-11, 12-15, 16-19, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, and 70+. Overall awards will be presented to the top male, female, and nonbinary finisher (based on gun time). 

Adaptive Divisions: Adaptive divisions are offered for the 2 Mile, 5K, 10K an Half Marathon. Adaptive Divisions are: Wheelchair, Visually Impaired, Limb Difference, Duo Team (A duo team is comprised of an able-bodied runner or walker pushing a non-ambulatory person in a customized racing wheelchair), and Intellectual Impairment. The top three male, female, and nonbinary finishers in each adaptive division in each event will receive a prize.  Adaptive Division entrants in the Visually Impaired,  Limb Difference, Duo Team, and Intellectual Impairment will be entered in an age group (based on age) as their Primary Category and in their Adaptive Category as a Secondary Category; thus, will be eligible for both age group awards as well as Adaptive Division awards .

Special Divisions

Special Divisions are an additional division that participants can enter in addition to their age group. We have created these categories to make this event unique, inclusive, and fun for people who are a part of the below groups.

  • Entering a special division will not remove you from your age group and you will still be ranked and eligible for age division awards.
  • Participants may enter one special division only. 
  • Wheelchair entrants will be scored separately and eligible for overall as well as age group and special division awards.
  • All special divisions will be scored and ranked by NET time, which is the elapsed time from when you cross the start line to when you cross the finish line. Take your time at the start and don’t rush to cross the starting line when the horn is blown. 

Divisions are as follows: 

Baby Jogger/Stroller Division:

    • This is for parents, guardians, grandparents, and caregivers who will be pushing a child in a baby jogger / stroller in the 2 Mile, 5K, 10K, or Half Marathon.
    • Please note that strollers MUST NOT START AT THE FRONT of the starting line for safety reasons.
    • Do not enter this division if starting towards the back will inhibit you from reaching your race goals such as desired pace or age group ranking.
    • If two people will be pushing a stroller/participating together, only one should enter the stroller division.
    • Must be 16+ to enter this category.
    • Awards to the top three finishers by gender. 

Dog Division.

    • Dogs must be well behaved, including: not barking at other dogs in crowds, no jumping (at people or other dogs), comfortable around lots of people and noise, obedient on leash, and on a non-retractable leash.
    • In the 2 Mile only, we will ask you to classify your dog division entry as one of four dog size types:  
      • SMALL DOG (Chihuahua, Pomeranian, e.g.)
      • MEDIUM DOG (Cocker Spaniel, Border Collie,e.g)
      • LARGE DOG (Golden Retriever, Husky, Boxer, e.g.)
      • EXTRA LARGE DOG  (Great Pyrenees, Great Dane)
    • Absolutely NO dogs in the first 300 feet of the line up for start for the 5K, 10K, or Half Marathon. Be prepared to start towards the back.
    • Do not enter this division if starting towards the back will inhibit you from reaching your race goals such as desired pace or age group ranking.
    • Dogs in dog strollers are permitted, but not eligible for a ‘top dog’ award. Do not enter dog division if your dog will be carried or pushed.
    • If you plan to run a fast pace (eg 8:00 or better) and try for an age division award, we suggest you do not run with a dog, because you will be required to start towards the back. 
    • Only one dog size can be attributed per human runner/walker for the 2 Mile; pick the size that represents the slower of the two dogs. If two people will be running with one dog, you should only enter dog division on one of the human’s entries (not both).
    • Must be 16+ to enter this category.
    • Anyone participating with a dog must clean up after their pet. 

Cancer Champions’ Cancer Survivor Division.

      • This division is for anyone who is currently receiving or has received treatment for cancer (any type) and would like to be recognized in this division.
      • Anyone entering this division will be invited to the Cancer Champions Survivor Hospitality tent before and after their race, on event day.
      • A special second bib, designed as a survivors bib, will be available for pick up for all entrants in this division at the Cancer Champions Survivor Hospitality tent on race day. (Optional). Be sure to check in at registration for your race bib and t-shirt as usual. 
      • Are you participating in the Davis Turkey Trot in celebration of someone? Join the Cancer Champions email list (available at their booth) and receive a customized “I’m participating in celebration of” bib/card to wear during the event. On it, you can write in the name(s) of the person/people you are participating in honor of.

US Military Veteran.

    • Since Veterans Day is just a few days before the Turkey Trot, we would like to extend our thanks to those who have served our country. This division is for Veterans of the US Military. Thank you for your service.

Adaptive Divisions.

  • There are the following Adaptive Divisions for participants with disabilities: 
    • Wheelchair
    • Visually Impaired
    • Limb Difference
    • Duo Team (A duo team is comprised of an able-bodied runner or walker pushing a non-ambulatory person in a customized racing wheelchair)
    • Intellectual Impairment
    • Other Disability
    • See above tab for more info on adaptive divisions


UC Davis Student, Staff, or Alumni

We have three divisions for those affiliated with UCD: Student (current student, grad, undergrad, VMTH, etc), Faculty/Staff, and Alumni. If you fall into more than one category (e.g. Faculty/Staff and Alumni) you must choose one category in which to participate (each athlete may be allocated to only one special division). Unique winner’s medals will be awarded in the 2 Mile, 5K, 10K, and Half Marathon to the top three finishers by gender (male, female, and nonbinary) for each the Student, Faculty/Staff, and Alumni categories for each distance.

We have three opportunities for local businesses to join us for this year’s Turkey Trot:

(1) Host a vendor booth in our race expo where you can showcase your company, do

 demonstrations, have giveaways and sampling, sell product, and interact one-on-one with potential customers.

(2) Sponsor a company team. Company team sponsorships include five complimentary entries per sponsorship, which you can distribute to your employees/organization members (think: team building, awards/thank you for service, commitment to investing in their physical and mental health, etc). Additional sponsorships can be purchased in increments of five entries.

A company team sponsorship includes a FREE vendor booth for your business in our post race expo area (bring your own table/chairs/pop up tent), where you can choose to either showcase your company to the public or use it as a meeting spot (and post-race relaxation area) for your organization members who participate. Companies sponsoring 20 or more employees to participate may receive their logo on the race t-shirt backs (deadline: Nov. 9).

(3) We have volunteer opportunities for companies interested in volunteering on event day. Volunteer tasks include post-race refreshments, course marshals, and water stations on the route. Contact our volunteer coordinator by email here for more information.

Race Details:

Date: Saturday, November 19, 2022 (Saturday prior to Thanksgiving)
Timeframe: 6:00 am to approximately Noon
Location: Civic Center Park, located on B Street in Downtown Davis between 5th and 7th Streets


— Vendor Booth Only: $140 (for-profits), $85 (non-profits).
— Company Team Sponsorship: $225 for five entries

— Table/chairs: Bring your own, or rent from us for $20
— Tent: Suggested to bring a 10×10′ tent for all booth spaces
— Attendance: 2,600-2,900 expected attendees

How to Sign Up

Signing up is easy and takes less than 5 minutes:
Sign Up and Pay Online Here

Those choosing a company team sponsorship will receive an email after signing up, which will include a coupon code for your five complimentary registrations, that you can distribute to your organization members so they can register. The complimentary entries can be any race distance, codes can be used through race day to sign up, and all employees do not have to register for the same distance.

Deadlines to Sign Up

Vendor booth only: November 12
Company Team Sponsorship: November 15

For More Information:

More information on vendor booths here
Additional Race Information: here

Vendor booths are a 10′ by 10′ space. Tents, tablecloths and other items to be supplied by vendor. A site map and one-sheet will be emailed out on approximately Wednesday, November 16.

View our corporate partnership flyer here.

The reservation website accommodates registration/payment via credit card.

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Volunteering at the Davis Turkey Trot is a fun way to complete community service hours, give back to your community, meet new people, or fundraise for your group.

To sign up / view volunteer positions, please visit: https://runsignup.com/Race/Volunteer/CA/Davis/DavisTurkeyTrot 

Please note that all volunteers, except those working alone and/or not near race participants, will be required to wear a mask at the event. Please plan on bringing one with you.

Nonprofits, youth groups or sports teams of 10 or more are eligible to fundraise. Contact Dave Miramontes by email for more info. A limited number of fundraising spots are available; please contact us at least 3 weeks prior to race day.

Davis Turkey Trot MapThe Davis Turkey Trot will take place at Civic Center Field, located in Downtown Davis on B Street between 5th and 7th Streets. Parking is available at Davis High School (intersection of B St at 14th St) and on the surrounding residential side streets.


For those wishing to park close to the start, we suggest using the Davis High School/Community Park on 14th Street. It’s just 7 blocks from the finish line, so it’s a gentle warm up. There are several lots here for parking: main high school lot, library lot, North Davis Elem. lot, high school gym lot, high school teachers lot, and Art Center lot (off Covell Blvd.). See the course map on our website for a visual.On race day, we suggest arriving at least one hour early prior to your race start, in order to allow sufficient time to use the restrooms, park, warm up, pick up bib if needed, etc.

ADA Placard Parking: We will have a limited number of spaces available for those with a blue ADA Parking Placard. There are two options for ADA Parking: (1) at the City of Davis parking lot located behind the City offices and adjacent to the Civic Center Pool. Enter this lot from A Street (B Street will be closed). (2) The parking spaces in our vendor parking lot, located at the Davis Senior Center / MLK High School on 7th Street. Access this lot from A Street to 7th (B Street will be closed).


We suggest using the below freeways and exits to avoid traffic congestion:

  1. – From Woodland or I-5 North of Woodland: Take Hwy 113, or Road 102, to Davis. Exit at Covell Blvd., and head to the High School for parking. You can turn south on either Oak Ave or F Street to reach 14th.
  2. – From the Bay Area on I-80: Take 80 east towards Davis and exit at Hwy. 113 North. Exit at Russell Blvd. and turn right to head towards downtown, or exit Covell Blvd and turn right to head towards the High School parking lot. To get to downtown, you can also use the Old Davis Road exit.
  3. – From Sacramento, Elk Grove, Roseville, Folsom: Take I-80 west towards Davis. Exit at Mace Blvd. and turn right. Stay on Mace Blvd. as it does a big 90 degree left hand turn and turns into Covell Blvd. Stay on Covell heading West until F Street and turn left, then right onto 14th Street if parking at the high school.
  4. – Many will still use the Richards Blvd. exit to get to Downtown Davis. As this gets very congested. We suggest considering the alternative exists listed above or or listed on the attached maps.  All directions provided will guide you to a parking larger parking venue to avoid residential area streets.
  5. Please see our website for detailed parking maps and options.

There will be NO parking at Martin Luther King HS, the Davis Senior Center on 7th Streets or the City Offices as this parking is reserved for vendors, staff, and overflow ADA Parking.

Directions from Sacramento:

Davis Turkey Trot MapOption 1: Take I-80 West to Davis. Exit at Richards Blvd. and turn right towards downtown. Richards Blvd. becomes E Street. Continue to desired parking area.


Alternate route #1: Exit at Mace Blvd. and turn right. Continue on Mace as the road makes a sweeeping 90* left turn and turns in to Covell Blvd. Continue on Covell Blvd. until reaching F Street / Oak Avenue to park at Davis High School. Turn left on F Street or Oak to reach 14th Street and Davis High School.


Alternate route #2: Exit at UC Davis (Mondavi Center exit). (Next exit past Richards Blvd). Head towards the Mondavi Center. After you pass the Mondavi Center, turn right onto Old Davis Road. Continue until A Street and turn left. You can either park at the lot at 1st and A, or you can continue North on A Street until Russell Blvd/5th Street. From here you can head straight on A Street, or turn left onto Russell, and take your next left on Howard Way to the parking structure on campus.

Directions from the Bay Area (and Vacaville/Dixon):

Take I-80 East towards Davis. Exit at Hwy. 113 North (towards Woodland). Continue approximately 3/4 mile. Exit at Russell Blvd and turn right. Continue approximately 2 miles to reach the intersection with B Street. Continue to desired parking area. Please note: Due to the large size of this event, we strongly encourage all participants travelling to Davis from the West to use the 113/Russell Blvd. option rather than exiting I-80 at Richards Blvd. Due to traffic concerns, this is the best route to take).


Alternative route#1: Follow above directions but exit one exit past Russell Blvd. at Covell Blvd. Turn right on Covell and continue to Oak Avenue. Turn right on Oak Avenue. Davis High School will be on your left.

From the North Valley (Redding, etc.)

Take I-5 South to Woodland. Exit to Hwy. 113 South to Davis. Continue approximately 20 minutes. In Davis, exit at Russell Blvd. Turn left. Continue approximately 2 miles to reach the intersection with B Street. Continue to desired parking area.

Event Records (1998+)

10K Men: Patrick Parsel, 30:27 (2008)Davis Turkey Trot 2013
10K Women: Catherine DuBay, 36:04 (2000)
5K Men: Johnathan Peterson, 14:37, (2008)
5K Women: Lorin Scott, 16:45, (2008)
5K Baby Jogger Men: Mark Murray, 17:39 (2004)
5K Baby Jogger Women: Nancy Rashid, 20:00 (2005)
Half Marathon Men: Ryan Waddington, 1:10.33 (2018)
Half Marathon Women: Kali Patterson, 1:24:48 (2017)
2 Mile Men: Cameron Noreen, 11:50.73 (2018)
2 Mile Women: Elizabeth Wisnia, 15:56.51 (2019)

Results from 1998-2012:

2011 Davis Turkey Trot Results:

2010  2009   2008  2007  2006   2005

Past Winners and Top Finishes 1998-2012:

2012 Recap:

Davis Turkey Trot Photo

2012: The year it was a torrential downpour, right up until the kids fun runs started. I think the picture to the right sums it up. Mother Nature wanted the 25th Anniversary to be extra memorable, I suppose. This year was also the year the half marathon debuted.

2012 Results:

2011 Recap:

2011:  10K Men: Andrew Timmins won the 10K race this year in 32:53, with Davis runners Mark Pepin, Michael Park and Brian Gruenemay finishing first among Davis residents. 10K Women:The women’s race was won by Kristin Soloway, a Davis resident, in 38:52. Also from Davis, Nancy Rashid was second in 40:26.

5K : It’s 2006 all over again; the winning time is 15:35. This time it’s Matt Peterson of Davis who crosses first.  Other top finishers included Ben Deland (16:26), Xavi Morales (16:30), Danny Lu (16:42) and Pedro Flores (16:50). In the women’s race, Caitlin Schultheiss, of Kings Beach, won in 18:53. Sofia Castiglioni, of Davis, was second in 19:03.

5K Baby Jogger: Stroller racers duelled again this year and it was R. Matthew Wise of Davis crossing first in an impressive 17:41, just two seconds shy of the course record. For the women, Robin Soares took home yet another win with a finish of 20:12.

2010 Recap:

2010: A rainy year; light rain persisted on and off until about 10am. 10K Men: Cisco Kidd brought home another victory with a time of 34:11 – exactly a full minute better than his 2006 10K finish. Brian Gueneman of Davis was the 2nd overall finisher and the first Davis resident with a time of 34:25.
10K Women: Berkeley’s Kimberly Williams posts a time of 40:09 to take the win. The top Davis finisher was Marrie Argentine, with a time of 42:11.
5K Men: Hailing from Guerneville, Jonathan Teeter broke the 16:00 mark with a time of 15:54. Second was Obbie Ehlinger of Davis, in 16:14; Mason Myers was third overall and the first Master’s finisher in 16:20.Davis Turkey Trot 20095K Women: A Davis resident takes the win! Kristin Arkin finishes first in 18:05. Jillian Brown of Sacramento was the next female finisher at 19:29.
5K Baby Jogger: Robin Soares TIES the Course record with a finish of 20:33 for the win in the Women’s Division; the overall winner was Brian Miller of El Dorado Hills, with a time of 18:33. Top Davis finishers were Nancy Rashid (22:13) and Steven Stoddard (26:12).

2009 Recap:

2009: 10K Men: Former Davis resident (now of Pilot Hill) Steve Sexton won the 10K in 32:47. It was a close finish with Davis’s Zach Bonner right behind him, at 32:49.
10K Women: Davis’ Stephanie Cello, just 13 years old, won the women’s 10K with a finish time of 39:50.
5K Men:Chris Badalato, of Reno, NV, won the men’s race in 16:10. Jake McHaffie was the top Davis finisher, and third overall, in 16:32.
5K Women: 
Napa’s Tammy Fraley took home the gold by finishing in 19:10, exactly three minutes after the top male finisher. Alexandra Rieger, just 13 years old, was the top female finisher with a time of 19:42 (4th overall).
5K Baby Jogger: The only course record set in 2009 was by Davis’ Jennifer Jackson, who bettered the previous women’s course record in the Baby Jogger 5K by 12 seconds (20:33). The top male finisher, also from Davis, was Justin Morejohn, in 18:12.

2008 Recap:

200810K Men: Davis’ Patrick Parsel broke a six-year old record, finishing in a quick 30:27, over a minute and a half ahead of the second place finisher. In the 10K Women, Megha Doshi of Berkeley was the top finisher, with a time of 38:31.
5K Men: Johnathan Peterson (Davis, CA) sets a nDavis Turkey Trot Photoew course record in the 5K, with a time of 14.37, smashing the old record by 16 seconds.
5K Women:It was a year for records, with a record-breaking performance in the 5K as well. Lorin Scott, also of Davis, was the first female finisher at 16:45, breaking the old record by 25 seconds.

2008 Results:


PDF files of the Overall Female and Male results for the 5K and 10K. (formatting revised 11/18/09)

2007 Recap

2007: 10K Men: For the second year in a row, a Davis resident claimed the men’s title in the 10K. This year it was William Tarantino, 24, who finished in 33:00. Erich Ackermann from San Ramon finished 2nd in 33:26.

10K Women: Davis residents ran strong today, as Kaitlin Gregg won the women’s title in 37:52, and a longtime Davis resident, Lisa Herrington, placed third overall in 39:26.
5K Men: Jason Sey defended his title successfully this year, winning the 5K in 15:19, sixteen seconds faster than his finish in 2006. He was followed by Kurt Ruegg (16:11) and Jason Carwile (16:15). Finishing fourth by one second (16:16) was Zach Bonner, the top Davis finisher in the Men’s 5K. 
5K Women: 
Audrey Amara of Auburn finished just in front of Claire Kelley of Reno, with finish times of 18:50 and 18:52. Natalia Gaerlan. of Rocklin, finished in a close third with a time of 18:58. The top Davis finisher in the women’s 10K was Maura Tyrrell, in 19:30.
5K Baby Jogger:Auburn’s Robin Soares set the new course record for the women in the Baby Jogger race, by bettering the previous time by 14 seconds (Nancy Rashid, 20:59, 2003). Scott Barnacle of Vacaville won the men’s race in 18:05. The top Davis residents to finish the Baby Jogger race were Ethan Walsh (21:56) and Amanda Walsh (22:03).

2007 Results:


2006 Recap

2006: 10K Men: Matthew Wise of Davis won the men’s race with a quick 33:34. A minute later, another Davis resident, Steve Sexton, finished in 34:36. Sundance Kid (35:10) and Cisco Kid (35:11) came in 3rd and 4th, respectively.
10K Women: The women’s 10K race was one of the closest ever. First was Yvonne Liebig, of Citrus Heights, in 37:37. Just seconds later, Davis’ Darien Feary finished 2nd (37:40) and Kimberly Beason finished 3rd (37:43).
5K Men: The 5K race was led by Jason Sey, 18, of Vacaville, who finished in 15:35, a pace of 5:00/mile. Behind him was Reno’s Rob Vancleve, in 16:09. The top male from Davis to finish the 5K was Luke Gibson, 24, who finished 3rd in 16:32. 
5K Women: 
Kim Conley of Davis set the women’s course record in the 5K this year with a stunning finish of 17:10. Finishing behind her were Kaylin Pennington (17:44), from Benecia and Kristine Shedd, from Davis (18:24).
5K Baby Jogger: Davis’ Mark Murray wins another title in the Baby Jogger event with a finishing time of 18:25, just barely edging out Dixon’s Greg Ngo, who finished in 18:30. Susan Kelley of Woodland finished first in the women’s division with a time of 23:07. Sharon Lydon of Yuba City took second and Shirley Lewis of Petaluma placed third.

2006 Results:


Davis Turkey Trot Photo

10K Men: Justin Hurd of Monterey won the men’s race with a time of 32:24. Other top finishers in the men’s race were Cisco Kidd (33:00) and Andrew Boudreau (33:10). The top Davis finisher was C. Gustafson, who finished in 14th place with a time of 35:16.
10K Women: Caroline Radke, of Fairfield, took first with a quick time of 37:13. Davis’ Pam Runquist finished second in 38:29.
5K Men: The 5K Men’s race was extremely close, with Davis’ Orlando Velasquez edging out El Dorado Hills’ John Mann by just two seconds. Their times were 15:46 and 15:48, respectively.
5K Women: Wheatland’s Karen Jeffers took home first with a finish time of 18:17. Second and third went to Katie Ross-Smith (Sutter Creek; 19:33) and Ashley Lapray, 14 years old, from Roseville (19:45). The top Davis finisher in the women’s 5K was Katherine Flanagan, just 13 years old, who finished in 12th place with a time of 21:08.


5K Baby Jogger: Mark Murray won the men’s race again, this time with a time of 18:46. Behind him was Greg Ngo, who crossed the finish line at 19:09. In the women’s race, Davis’ Nancy Rashid finished first in 20:00. Sharon Lydon finished second in 24:29.

2005 Results:


Strollers at the start of the 2005 Davis Turkey Trot Baby Jogger 5K.


2004: 10K Men: Top finishers in the 10K came not only to run fast but to provide us with humorous pseudonyms. Winning the men’s race was Cisco Kidd (32:57), who calls Mountain View home. Following him were Vacaville’s Chad Connor (33:30), and two San Francisco runners: The Sundance Kid (33:56) and Butch Cassidy (34:26). The top Davis finisher, Steve Young (32:57), was just thirty seconds behind Mr. Cassidy.
10K Women: Winning the race was Allison Kerr of Vacaville (36:45). 2nd and 3rd place went to Sarah Shuler (37:16) and Sally Daganzo (38:08). The top Davis finishers were Amanda Kohler (41:24) and Jen Lister (42:02).
5K Men: The 5K course this year was 0.1 miles short due to an unfortunate volunteer marshall oversight in the latter part of the course. Consequently, almost all times were affected. However, we still want to recongnize our winners: In the men’s race, Vacaville’s David Monk reached the finish line in 15:13, followed closely by last year’s winner, Jeffrey Lease of Stockton (15:18). The top Davis finisher in the Men’s 5K was Matthew Post, who finished 10th overall in 16:08.
5K Women: In the women’s race, Melanie Cleland brought home yet another title, winning in 16:12. Emmy Barr (Granite Bay) and Kristine Shedd (Davis) followed in 2nd and 3rd place, respectively, with finish times of 17:24 and 17:52.
5K Baby Jogger: The competition grows stronger each year in the Baby Jogger race. Davis’ Mark Murray smashed the 5K Men’s Baby Jogger record this year by running a fast 17:39. Close behind was Dixon’s Greg Ngo, in 17:43. In the women’s race, Jennifer Miramontes from Davis took home the title with a 21:20 finish.

2004 Results:

 10K Overall Results / 5K Overall Results


2003: 10K Men: Top finishers in the 10K came from afar this year; Matt Sartor of Redding won the Men’s 10K in 32:24, following by Rhodes Waldon of Mountain View (32:42) and a third male runner from San Francisco who participated under the name “Sundance Kid” (33:07). Top Davis runners in the Men’s 10K included James Allen (34:47), Justin Morejohn (35:29) and Steve Young (35:44).
10K Women: In the women’s race, Pamela Hayes of Fairfax captured the win in 39:18. Roseville’s Amy Davidson-Shaw took second in 40:26 and Davis’s Courtney Palko came in third in 40:36. Other top female finishers from Davis included Marianne Hernandez (40:53) and Danielle Widenmann (41:19).
5K Men: The 5K race was a quick one, with Stockton’s Jeffrey Lease crossing first in 15:29. Lease was followed closely by Davis’ Bryan Burnley (15:38) and Sean Marzolf of Lodi (15:49). Other top Davis finishers included Ben Jarrett (17:10), Justin Lakin (18:42) and Ken Hiatt (18:44). Senior runners in our 75+ division ran amazingly fast and included the following age group winners: Bill Ballantine (79, 29:18), Peter Yuen (75, 29:23) and Spido Webb (78, 34:10).
5K Women: The women’s race saw two young runners battling for first place. Coming across the finish line first was Michelle Born, 16, from Roseville, in 18:17. Abbie Galloway, 19, from Davis finished second in 18:58, and Redding’s Megan Johnson came in third in 19:29. Davis residents Carolyn Menard and Laura Mason finished top amongst the Davis runners in 20:50 and 21:28, respectively. Hats off to our distinguished winners in our 75+ divisions: Jean Risley (79, Davis, 48:09), Marilyn Halliday (75, Yuba City, 59:01) and Carole Johnson (84, Davis, 59:18).
5K Baby Jogger: Two new course records were set this year in the 5K Baby Jogger division. Crossing first was 37 year old M. Woodward in 18:10. Nancy Rashid of Davis finished first among the women in 20:59.

2003 Results

 10K Overall Results | 5K Overall Results | Baby Jogger 5K | 5K Wheel


200210K Men: Davis runners take first place in both the Men’s and Women’s 10K Races. Jorge Murillo, 19, wins the Men’s 10K in a stunning 31:47, which averages to a 5:06 pace. Second place is David Nichols of Suisun City, who finishes in 32:09, which the exact same time he finished the 10K in 2002 when he was the overall winner.
10K Women: In a photo finish, 18 year old Erna Forgo clinches the victory in the women’s race with a 39:12 finish. Inches behind Forgo was Diana Perun, 35, of San Francisco, who finished a second later at 39:13.
5K Men: Stockton runners Jeffrey Lease and Marty Jellin go 1-2 in the Men’s 5K, with times of 15:24 and 15:37, respectively.
5K Women: Jennifer Pfiefer, 31, of Folsom, takes home another gold in the women’s 5K with a time of 17:23.
5K Baby Jogger: Mike McGuire of Davis wins again with a 19:09 finish. Also from Davis, Michele Mantay wins the Women’s 5K Baby Jogger race with a time of 21:01. A record 157 people run/walk this year’s 5K Baby Jogger event.

2002 Results:

 10K Overall Results | 5K Overall Results | Baby Jogger 5K | 2 Mile


200110K: David Nichols of Suisun City wins in 32:09. Justin Rau of Davis places second in 32:49. In the Women’s 10K Race, Jennifer Pfiefer, wins in 38:24; Kazumi Nigro of Shasta Lake places second in 38:37. Megan Canova (38:51) is the top Davis finisher in the 10K.
5K: The 5K run is 1/10 of a mile short, so times reflected are for a 3-mile finish. Taking first place in the Men’s race is Stuart Eastman of Davis (14:55). The women’s race saw Midori Sperando finish first with a time of 16:38.
5K Baby Jogger: Davis’ Mike McGuire wins in 20:54. Linda Casilas, also of Davis, wins the women’s title with a finish of 23:00.





200010K: Miguel Tibaduiza of Reno (33:22) edges out Davis runner Gregg Morin (33:25) for the first place finish. Megan Canova of Davis takes home the victory in the Women’s race with a 37:39 finish.
5K: D. Simm, of Rochester, MN, wins the Men’s 5K in 15:37. Simm also holds the record for the fastest finish at the Davis Stampede 5K, which ironically is also a time of 15:37. The battle for 2nd and 3rd is close, with Stuart Eastman placing second (15:44) and Nate Moroski in third (15:49).  In the women’s race, Midori Sperando takes first with a 17:34 finish.

2000 Results:

5K Overall | 10K Overall |


199910K: Ben Turman of Berkeley wins the 10K in 30:56. Jeff Hildebrandt (31:53) and Adam Bessie (33:53) take second and third. In the Women’s 10K, Santa Rosa’s Catherine DuBay finishes first in 36:04. Nearly one minute later, Diane Peterson finishes second in 37:09. Davis runner Mika Jekabsens takes third 37:45.
5K: Chris Gaston of Cotati wins in 14:53. In a close finish, second place went to Stuart Eastman (15:17) while third was awarded to Bryce Lighthall (15:21). San Anselmo’s Linda Gill finished first in the Women’s 5K in 17:45. Second place was awarded to Stacy Worthen (17:56).

1999 Results:

5K Overall | 10K Overall | 2M Overall | 5K Awards | 10K Awards


1998: 10K: Reno’s Nick Bingham finishes first in 31:33. Local runner Jean Harvey of Woodland wins the Women’s 10K in 36:46. Top Davis finishers in the Men’s 10K include: Tim Naylor (34:16), Paul Cox (34:43) and Bryan Thoreson (34:59). For the women, Deborah Tipton (38:49), Andrea Kivsch (41:59) and Melissa Reid (43:12) are the top Davis finishers.
5K: Davis runners Greg Phister (14:56) and Eric Hyde (15:31) finish first and second in the Men’s 5K. 17:39 was the winning time in the Women’s 5K with Melanie Cleland of Oakland taking home top honors. Second place was awarded to Jamie Whitmore of Elk Grove (18:23). Top female Davis runners in the 5K were Pam Runquist (18:57) and Erna Kessel (19:13).

1998 Results:

5K Overall | 10K Overall

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The Davis Turkey Trot will benefit Cancer Champions.

Cancer Champions is an online fitness, nutrition, and mindset program designed specifically for those battling cancer. Members receive a wide variety of resources including safe workouts designed specifically for the needs of those undergoing or recovering from cancer treatment; recipes formulated with cancer-fighting ingredients; mindset and meditation practices; access to a members-only community that understands the cancer journey.

Your donation helps Cancer Champions provide our members with all of these amazing resources when they need them most. $57 covers a month of membership to a survivor who may not be able to afford it during this important time in their life.

We welcome donations of any amount – every dollar helps patients directly.

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Participating in an event such as the Davis Turkey Trot is a great way to gather coworkers, teammates, fraternity/sorority members, etc., and participate together! For those wishing to take part as a group, we offer the option to sign up as a team.


Community teams (with ten or more members) are invited to set up a team hospitality tent in our team area (at no cost to you, bring your own tent/tables). Your team can gather before and after the event and use your booth as a gathering place. You can also leave your warmer layers here (if you have someone who will be there while others are out on the course running or walking).

How to sign up as a team:

  1. Create a team name when you register online.
  2. Remind your teammates to select your team from drop-down box when they register for the event.
  3. Be sure to email us no later than November 13 if you would like us to reserve a booth space for you in the Team Area in the post-race expo
  4. Show up to the event and have fun!

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