A list of commonly asked questions about the Sunrise Run. If your question is not answered here, we’d be happy to correspond with you via e-mail. Contact us here.

Q. Can I run/walk with my child in a baby/jogging stroller for this race?

A. We do permit baby joggers/strollers for this event, but we ask that you start in the back of the back, whether you are running or walking. This is for your safety and for the safety of those around you. Please note that scooters, bikes, skateboards and rollerblades are not allowed.

Q. Do I need to register my child who will be sitting in the baby jogger?

A. No, you do not. However, note that they will not be receiving a t-shirt.

Q. What is a technical t-shirt?

A. Technical t-shirts are made of lightweight polyester (not cotton) and ‘wick’ moisture away instead of absorbing it; cotton shirts absorb water and become heavy when wet.

Q. I registered for the 10K, and I’d like to switch to the 5K. What should I do?

A. Please e-mail us and we would be happy to make the switch. If during race weekend, you may make these switches at Packet Pick Up or at Registration on Race Morning. You can reach us at info@changeofpace.com.

Q. Can I run/walk with my dog for this race?

A. Sorry, but pets are not allowed, except for seeing-eye dogs. While we realize it is fun for both you and your pet to run/walk together, this policy has been established by both our insurance company and us for safety reasons.

Q. May I wear an ipod during the race?

A. We discourage the use of ipods during the race. We love music, but we want you to be safe. The reason we discourage ipods is because the headphones impair your ability to hear the directions of volunteers and Police on the course, emergency vehicles, and the runners around you. If you do elect to wear headphones, we ask that you wear them in one ear only or keep the volume at a level so that you can hear vehicles and people around you.

Q. My group is interested in volunteering for this race. Who do we contact?

A. Wonderful! We are always looking for volunteers to assist with race duties. Please contact us by e-mail. (E-mail is best!)

Q. Is there a Kid’s Fun Run associated with this race?

A. We are hosting Kid’s 1/4 and 1/2 mile fun runs, for kids ages 12 and under.The kids races will start at 10:00 am.

Q: Is there a finisher’s medal?

A: Yes, there is a finisher’s medal for the 10 Mile distance. Kids Fun Run finishers will receive a ribbon.

Q. Do you offer complimentary entries for elite athletes for this race?

A. Sorry, we do not.

Q. I registered and now I can’t make it. May I get a refund?

A. Sorry, entries are non-refundable and cannot be transferred to another event. We will allow you to transfer your entry to a friend. Make that switch in advance of race day by emailing us here: info@changeofpace.com.

Q. Will you have a sweat/gear check for this event?

A. Yes. There will be a tent set up near to the finish line/registration area where you can “check” your sweats. You will be provided with a plastic bag on which you will write your bib number. After finishing the race, please come back to the sweat check tent in a timely manner to claim your bag. While the area will be secure, we will not be held responsible for any lost items, so please do not leave valuables. The sweat check tent will remain open until 11:00 AM.

Q. Do you have race day registration?

A. Yes, absolutely (as long as field limits have not been reached)! Race day registration will be available for all events starting at 6:30 a.m.  We recommend arriving one hour prior to the start time of your race in order to allow sufficient time to park, register, use porta-potties, etc.

Q. Is there a cut-off for the 10 Mile?

A. The course cut off (course support) is 2 1/2 hours (10:30 AM). This is approx. 15:00/mile.

Q. Are the courses paved?

A. Yes, they are and are mostly asphalt.

Q. Where will results be posted?

A. Real-time results, splits and live tracking will be posted here: https://changeofpace.com/sunrise-run/results/

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